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Bookworms who can never pass up a good bargain are urged to visit Awesome Books. Based out of the U.K., AwesomeBooks features deals on over two million classic and contemporary books, making it an essential shopping destination for reading enthusiasts.

With the help of the user-friendly "Browse Awesomebooks" menu found on the Awesome Books homepage, you can peruse the store's inventory by literary genre. If money's a little tight, swing by the store's deal-laden "Bargain Bin" and "Used Books" sections.

To help customers save on shipping costs, Awesome Books offers complimentary shipping on most orders placed within Western Europe and North America that contain two or more items. In addition, all U.K.-bound orders, regardless of size, are eligible for free shipping. If you're interested in checking out the store's hottest titles, simply access the informative "Bestsellers" page, a link to which is available at the top of the site's homepage.