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Christian homeschoolers across the country turn to Alpha Omega Publications to find the resources to make their teaching and learning experience a success. For over 35 years, Alpha Omega Publications has been the leading provider of Christian homeschool curriculum for preschool through high school students. The company’s faith-based products are available in print, electronic and online editions, and there are several different curriculums so parents can choose the best one to fit their students’ needs. Some offer automatic grading and record-keeping, customizable lesson plans, and faith-based teachings interwoven with schoolwork. Get online media-rich lessons and brightly illustrated workbooks to reinforce students’ learning. The company also offers an accredited distance-learning online school. On the Alpha Omega Publications website, you can also find teaching resources like free webinars, homeschooling blogs and tips, and diagnostic tests. You can even schedule academic support sessions for students who are struggling with a difficult subject.