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Shiny, gleaming, flaxen, waxen - whatever type of hair, beautiful hair you have, chances are there is a lot of time and expense put into its maintenance. Salon visits can be costly, especially when you have a large family all needing regular trims. Cut costs by easily cutting the entire family's hair yourself with the AirCut system. AirCut inventor Norm Yerke hasn't been to a barber in over 18 years, but his hair still looks great, thanks to the AirCut. This innovative do-it-yourself haircare system is superior to all others with its ease of use, durability and revolutionary no-mess vacuum and clipping catcher. Since 2008, the AirCut's popularity has spread around the world; order your own at The AirCut system comes with eight different stylers to ensure you get the perfect cut every time, a cleaning brush, accessories and cover, for three easy payments of $33.33 and free shipping.