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It doesn’t matter if it’s for the professional or home office, purchasing printer ink cartridges and electronics accessories can be an expensive headache. But there’s no need to get caught without a backup ink cartridge, replacement charger cord or spare memory card. At Abacus 24-7, find discount printer ink and electronics accessories effortlessly with their easy Quick Finder feature that allows shoppers to search by category, brand, or model. The website also offers browsing by product type, or searching with products specifications or by keyword. Sign up for an account to make re-ordering of supplies quick and painless. With a handy live-chat option, customer service phone numbers and an extensive online help center, it’s easy to get human help with the common questions that arise in electronics shopping. As an online merchant, Abacus 24-7 is completely secure with the promise that buyer information is safe from fraud and identity theft, so shoppers can feel safe and confident making their purchases.