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"Oh no! You'll shoot your eye out!" This classic line, along with the battered leg lamp in the window, count as some of the most memorable elements of the movie "A Christmas Story." Fortunately, for die-hard, line-quoting fans like you, A Christmas Story House & Museum exists. And a gift shop. The Parker house, the very same home where Ralphie Parker lived and got his mouth washed out with soap, has been renovated and is open to the public. If you've ever wondered what it'd be like to walk the halls and look at the leg lamp in the window up close, a tour of this home is in order if you're in Cleveland. BUT even if you can't tour the house, don't despair -- there's an awesome "A Christmas Story" gift shop. You can order that funky leg lamp that Ralphie Parker's father loved so much. But you'll also find mugs inspired by this iconic item as well as the pink bunny jammies, Dept 56 figurines, the Red Ryder model air rifles, and even the infamous soap that washed out Ralphie's mouth. Oh fudge! If you're a fan of "A Christmas Story" at all, you won't need the secret decoder pin to tell you to shop at A Christmas Story House & Museum Gift Shop. Go ahead. You won't shoot your eye out.