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You may not think of your office supplies as marketing tools, but the professionals at 123InkCartridges do. That’s because they know that every piece of printed material that goes out of your office represents you. But putting out quality printed materials shouldn’t break your company’s bank. Simply put, at 123InkCartridges you’ll find better ink cartridges, better office supplies, better printers than you’ll find anywhere else for a fraction of the price. Always. 123InkCartridges customers regularly save up to 80% on all office-related supplies. And these customers don’t wait a long time for their ink and toner cartridges to get to their door. 123InkCartridges fulfills 100% of all its orders in-house to ensure speedy delivery. Add to that a 100% satisfaction guarantee and you have the makings of the most reliable (yet least expensive) office brand in Canada. So go ahead. Concentrate on the running and marketing of your business. 123InkCartridges will concentrate on bringing you the quality products that make it all possible.