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Fantastic Harry Potter Merch (And Where to Find It)

January 22, 2016 |

I could make some sort of flowery statement about how the magic of Harry Potter isn't just in Harry or Hogwarts, or even in the story of JK Rowling, but in everyone who has some sort of special memory attached. ... Read More

The Best Star Wars Merch

December 21, 2015 |

In addition to being a media powerhouse, Star Wars has always been known for giving its fans exactly the kind of merchandise they want. Do you want a giant Dewback for your Barbies to ride? Or do you want entire ... Read More

Gifts to Keep Your Children From Putting You in a Home

December 7, 2015 |

Bribery is the heart and soul of any family dynamic. There are millions of invisible transactions within your family -- you buy your grandma a Garfield calendar so she won't attempt to sleep on your bathroom floor again, you get ... Read More

Picking the Perfect Gifts for Everyone

November 28, 2014 |

Picture this – everyone is gathered around the Christmas tree, and a gift is handed to a loved one who opens it and forces a smile once they’ve seen what’s inside. They don’t necessarily hate the gift; it’s just not for them.

This is a common scenario for a lot of people who’ve dealt with this at least once in their gift-giving experience. Gift shopping can be difficult and a bit of a gamble, especially if you don’t know if your family or friends will genuinely love what you give. It’s the thought that counts, but if they love it, that’s certainly better.

The below gift guide will assist you with picking out gifts that will impress your family and friends.
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Blocks for Girls!

September 11, 2014 |

Legos and other building blocks are made with boys in mind. GoldieBlox toys are constructed with girls in mind, so if you’re looking to try out a fun new educational toy, try a free sample today and see the ... Read More

Save Money (And Calories!) Filling Your Easter Basket

April 10, 2014 |

Easter is known for the deluge of candy that it brings each and every year. According to the National Retail Federation, 83.1% of Americans celebrated Easter last year. A whopping 90.5% of adults aged 18 and older purchased candy, while only 62.5% purchased gifts. If your family is included in these statistics, then keep reading for some great ways to save (both money and calories) when planning out your sweet surprises. Read More

More Box for Your Bucks: Subscription Boxes With the Best Value

March 25, 2014 |

Does it seem like the only things that show up in your mailbox these days are bills and catalogs? Make your mail more fun and ship the world to your door with a monthly subscription box. It's a great way to discover products, taste new foods and even educate your kids. Plus they can be a great value. Plenty of companies give their products to subscription boxes as a way to market their business to new audiences. That allows the subscription box companies to stuff each box with products that are worth far more than the cost of the monthly subscription. Check out these five subscription boxes with the best value. Read More

What Not to Buy at the Dollar Store

February 12, 2014 |

Many consumers love shopping at the Dollar Store. After all, everything is only one dollar, so you can’t go wrong, right? Wrong! It’s easy for shoppers to make impulsive buys at the Dollar Store because everything costs only a buck. However, you need to be concerned about quality and the amount of product you are getting for the price. Many items there can be bought elsewhere cheaper. Find out which items to keep out of your shopping cart on your next visit. Read More

Dangerous Toys? 6 Tips to Shop Smart and Avoid Safety Hazards

December 12, 2012 |

Your children may be asking for the hottest toys this holiday season and as a parent, the last thing you want to put under the Christmas tree is a safety hazard. Over the past four years the Consumer Product Safety Commission has seized more than 8.5 million units of more than 2,400 dangerous toys from entering American ports because of safety hazards. The CPSC works hard to ensure that the toys sitting on store shelves are safe, but that's not always the case. Here are several ways you can be sure a toy is safe.

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How to Shop for the Hottest Holiday Toys of 2012

October 24, 2012 |

Gone are the days of vanishing Tickle Me Elmo dolls and Zu Zu Pets that disappear off store shelves in a matter of minutes. This year the hottest holiday toys are guaranteed to be under your Christmas tree thanks to a new program unveiled by Toys 'R' Us. The Hot Toy Reservation program gives parents a chance to wow their kids without having to fight crowds. But don't plan on showing up to your local toy store the day before Christmas. Check out these tips for taking full advantage of this new way of shopping for the hottest holiday toys of 2012.

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5 Thoughtful Holiday Gifts that Support a Cause

December 22, 2011 |

Instead of giving your friend a sweater she won't wear or your dad another book to add to his library, why not consider giving them gifts that can truly impact the world? Whether it's a gift that gives homeless pets shelter or helps human trafficking victims escape slavery, there are many wonderful options. The latest Social Good Survey from Fenton and GlobeScan found that giving to charities isn't bouncing back as much as other areas of the economy. The poll found that 65% of Americans will donate the same amount to charity in the coming year. However, more than half believe that nonprofits are making a big difference in the world for good. Support that positive change by giving a gift that matters.

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