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November's Best Bargains

November 6, 2010 |

If you think that postponing your shopping until mid-December is a good idea, you haven't been paying attention to the bargains being offered early this year to savvy shoppers.  You can strike gold this November with great deals on things ... Read More

October's Best Deals

October 2, 2010 |

If you're planning to do some of your Christmas shopping ahead of time, October is a great time to start. This is one of the best times of year to buy toys! That means I'll be making my list (and ... Read More

Mark Your Calendars!

September 25, 2010 |

We talk a lot about the best time of year to buy certain things.  But recently a full-year survey was completed that narrowed down the best deals even further: its results showed the best days of the week to shop!  ... Read More

Nutritious and Delicious

September 18, 2010 |

What should be in your grocery cart this September?

There's plenty of terrific in-season produce to be had, often at great deals:

Apples Avocados Bananas Bell peppers Cantaloupe carrots Corn Eggplant Grapes Lettuce Onions Peaches Pears Sweet potatoes

Besides ... Read More

September Shopping

September 11, 2010 |

There's plenty to be found on sale in September; it's the best time to buy:

Grills, patio furniture and grill supplies:  there's still lots of time to enjoy these!

Party supplies

School supplies. School's just begun, and school stuff's ... Read More

Your August Shopping List

August 7, 2010 | 3

August is a fabulous time to go shopping!  You get to take advantage of the end-of-summer sales as well as the back-to-school deals that are always offered.  If you play your cards right, you can get great savings on just ... Read More

April's Best Purchases

April 3, 2010 |

No fooling--you can get some great deals in the month of April!

Easter is tomorrow, so the clearance sales on Easter candy and basket fillers will start on Monday.  Don't miss the opportunity to get a chocolate fix for less!

... Read More

March's Best Buys

March 6, 2010 | 1

What's on sale in March?

Flowers--Valentine's Day is over, so florists aren't so busy. Now's a great time to get a deal on a nice bouquet. Boats Jewelry--it's a couple of months until the next "jewelry holiday" (Mother's Day) so ... Read More

February's Best Deals

February 6, 2010 |

Want to know when to score the best money-saving opportunities on a major purchase?  We're doing that research for you!  Here's a list of some of the best things to buy in February:

  • Big-screen TVs (shop quickly, though--the ... Read More

Best Things to Buy in January

January 23, 2010 |

It's interesting how certain things go on sale at certain times of year.  Some trends are easy to understand, others are not--but no matter how you slice it, it's great to know when to target a major purchase.

In January, ... Read More