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About Lisa Ann Jersey

Lisa Ann Jersey

Lisa Ann Jersey

Lisa Ann Jersey is a twenty-something native Nevadan, who is a proud graduate of the University of Nevada Reno. She loves shopping, writing, dancing, movie-going with her husband, and caring for her only two children - her puppy Claire, and her Coach handbag Kristin.

Posts By Lisa Ann Jersey

Frame It! 7 Gifts to Frame for Grads

May 31, 2011 | 3

Looking for a special gift for the high school, college, or even kindergarten graduate in your life? Me too, and since I’m on a tight budget this year and am not much of a do-it-yourselfer, I came up with a great gift idea to get me through. My baby sister is graduating college this year, so I need a gift that is special, has a lot of thought put into it and that she will have and treasure for years to come. Sound like something you’re after? Well, presto! I’ve come up with the frame it gift. But wait, I’ve got more than just one frame it gift idea up my sleeve, in fact, I’ve got 7. Check them out below to see if one will work for you! Read More

Buy Now, Wear Anytime: 6 Must Have Pieces for Any Season

May 6, 2011 | 1

Seasons-changingAs much as I love shopping for summer clothes, I hate being able to wear them for only a few short months. That’s why this summer I’m turning to Eddie Bauer, king of versatile, to stock my closet with pieces that will be more timeless and functional year round. Remember, investing in higher quality clothes, especially ones that can transition through the seasons, is often times far less expensive than buying “cheap” clothes month after month, replacing them from both seasonal appropriateness and wear and tear. Check out the 6 any season pieces I’ve found below, not only can they be worn year round, but they’re great for gals of all shapes and sizes. Plus, score some savings on your Eddie Bauer purchase by using one of the Buy 2 and save offers here! Read More

It’s Your Honeymoon - Cut the Cost, Not the Romance

May 4, 2011 | 1

Honeymoon-RomanceIt seems like everyone is pinching pennies these days, and I can only imagine the extreme stress of planning a wedding and honeymoon in today’s market. In an effort to relieve some of the tension, I’ve found some stress busting solutions for all those Spring and Summer Brides out there, who are on the prowl to planning that perfect, unforgettable honeymoon to top off their perfect, unforgettable day. Yes ladies, you can cut the cost of your honeymoon without cutting the romance, and here’s how. Read More

8 Hottest Frames for Summer

April 29, 2011 |

Face-basking-in-the-sun Nothing is sweeter then warm summer air filling your nostrils while the heat of the sun tickles your cheeks and illuminates your closed eyelids. But just as you’d protect your skin from those enjoyable, yet harmful rays, you should equally protect your precious peepers. After all, you’ve only got two of them! I’ve found some stellar sunshades from the Sunglass Hut to help you out and trust me, these frames are hot!  It also doesn't hurt that you Get free shipping and returns on all orders at the Sunglass Hut through 06/30/2011. Read More

6 Ways to Slyly Introduce Color To Your Man’s Wardrobe

April 12, 2011 | 4

American-Eagle-ColorNo, my man doesn’t wear color (excluding Notre Dame Green, a good 80-90% of his wardrobe) and yes, it bugs me. While I do most of his shopping, I’ve come to learn over our 11 years together that if I bring home anything other than the basics, it conveniently and mysteriously disappears, never to be seen or worn again. However, I was recently skimming through American Eagle’s online Men’s Summer Catalog, admiring all the bright colors, and decided I needed to try again to get him to spice up his wardrobe and perhaps change my direct, in his face method this time. So here you go gals, I’ve done all the work and found 6 sly ways to sneak some color into your man’s closet!

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6 Fabulous Fitness Accessories From Finish Line

April 8, 2011 | 2

Finish-Line-FitnessSummer is almost here and with it comes clothes that bare our often depressing, winter indulgences. Yes, it’s time to pull out those swimsuits, shorts, and tanks, and face the music! However, there is still a month or so left before we’ll have to shed those winter layers, so why not tone up what we can in these few short weeks, so the unveiling isn’t too painful. I’ve found 6 fantastic fitness accessories from Finish Line that will boost your performance and help you push through these next several exercise cramming weeks. Plus, I’ve made sure to keep each item under $60, so you won’t need to worry about breaking the bank to get back in shape! Oh, and for those of you who worked hard all year long, (the very same people I’m disgustingly jealous of) these accessories will definitely help keep you trim and motivated till it’s time to show off those beach ready bods!

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Trade In, Trade Up at Verizon Wireless

April 1, 2011 | 2

Verizon-Wireless-Trade-In-ProgramGetting a new phone or electronic device can be exciting, frustrating, expensive, alleviating, even terrifying. There are so many emotions that come with change, even when it’s with something as silly as a new phone. Most of these emotions I can live with and handle rather quickly, however, I’m always left with a tad bit of guilt. Why? A new device means my old one must retire, and by retire, I mean get shoved off in a drawer somewhere never to be used or seen again. It’s always a little sad to say goodbye to a perfectly functional phone, especially when I think back on how much I spent on it, all that hard earned money just gone. That was of course until I found the exciting Trade In Program at Verizon Wireless! With the help of this easy program, you can appraise your device online and instantly elect to either exchange it for a Verizon gift card or donate it to charity! Sounds too good to be true, I know, I know. Just follow below to learn more as I trade in my old phone, you’ll see how simple and secure it really is.

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Home Depot Brings Home The Heat

March 17, 2011 |

Home-Depot-Keeping-WarmAre you sick and tired of the cold yet? I sure am, and while my limbs and tootsies can’t bask in the sun for another month or so, that doesn’t mean they can’t soak in some extra heat. I’ve decided to take warming maters into my own hands and bring home some heat, with the help of my trusty friends at Home Depot, of course. Check out the six awesomely snug heating solutions I found below, that will keep you toasty, without breaking your bank!

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Make the Most of a $25 Home Depot Gift Card, Without Dipping Into Your Wallet

March 13, 2011 | 1

Home-Depot-Gift-Cards-BlogHave you ever found yourself grateful for a gift card, but restricted by the amount? It seems like some places, Home Depot in particular, don’t get you very far with $25 or less. You don’t want to waste that card on useless stuff, but you certainly don’t want to have to dip into your own pocket either. Lucky for you, I’ve done all the leg work and found several exciting ways for you to put that gift card to use, without having to shell out any extra cash!

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Nifty Storage Solutions + Home Depot = A Must for Spring Cleaning

March 11, 2011 |

Sorry if I’m the first to say it, but Spring Cleaning Season, is knocking on our door. As tragic and unappealing as it sounds, I think I have a solution that will turn it into more of a relief, and less of a chore. After all, there is no reason to aimlessly ransack the house with a big black trash bag, calling it good once it’s full. An organized thoughtful approach this year will save you loads of time in the next several years. The key?  Organized storage.

First things first, know what type of storage you’re after. There are 5 major storage groups: closet storage, kitchen storage, garage storage, storage structures, and storage cubbies, totes and bins. Home Depot has a good selection of each of these and will even provide you with detailed project guides to get you going with set-up. I’ve chosen a few of each below and outlined the best approach for tackling that Spring Cleaning Monster once you’re armed and ready with the storage solution that works best for you.

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