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Rack Up The Savings While Working Out

Rack Up The Savings While Working Out
Ryan Boyd

There are about a million and one fitness apps on the market for tech-savvy runners, and it can be pretty overwhelming to pick the right one for you and your workout style -- not least because the process of running can be a daunting nightmare chore, and it's crucial to find an app to sugar the fitness pill. If you find one that'll help you get up and out there, you can use the points earned while running to cash in at major outlets, so not only will your body thank you -- your wallet will, too. We'll show you how:


How to Earn
a. Link an app (like Zombies, Run! or Cardio Smackdown) to an activity tracking device like Fitbit or Jawbone
b. Link your device to Walgreens' fitness tracker app
c. Manually enter in your activity once your workout is finished.

A breakdown of points:

Activity Points Maximum
Walk / Run 20 1,000 / month
Track Blood Glucose 20 40 / day
Track Blood Pressure 20 20 / day
Other activities 20 20 / day
NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy - patches, gum, etc.) 20 20 / day

How your points work:
a. $5 for every 5,000 points earned
b. Must have minimum of 5,000 points to redeem for cash
c. Maximum savings ceiling of $50 (or 40,000 points)
d. All points expire after 3 years, or after 6 months of inactivity

Sears/Kmart (ShopYourWay)

How to Earn
a. Activity can only be viewed/edited online at
b. Link your workout activity to a tracking device
Link your fitness tracker app to ShopYourWay
Manually insert your activity after your workout.

Breakdown of Points:

Activity Points Maximum
Sign up for FitStudio* 200 Once
Complete Your Profile* 100 Once
Connect a Device* 200 Once
Walk / Run (2 miles/day)* 50 50 / day
Burn 200 Active Calories* 50 50 / day
Share FitStudio Content (social activity)* 50 50 / day
Share Your Progress (social activity)* 50 50 / day
Walk / Run 15 miles or Burn 1500 Calories 2,000 2,000 / week

How your points work:
a. $0.01 for every 10 points (or $1 every 1,000 points)
No minimum for redemption
Use at Sears or Kmart (in-store or online)

Dick's Sporting Goods

How to Earn:
a. Link FitBit activity tracking device
Link MapMyFitness app (able to link to select activity tracking devices)

Breakdown of Points:

Activity Points Maximum
Walk / Run 3 miles (10,000 steps) 3 3 / day

How Your Points Work:
a. $10 for every 300 points
Minimum of 300 points required for redemption
Maximum redemption of 600 points (or $20) at one time
Points awarded once a month (receive points after 50 days if using “snail mail”)
Expire at the end of the point-earning year (closest Sunday to January 31st)

Sports Authority

How to Earn:
a. Reward points are tracked online at
b. Must be linked to MapMyFitness app (which can be linked to select activity tracking devices)

Breakdown of Points:

Activity Points Maximum
Sign Up for Fitness Activity Program 25 Once
Link Device 25 25 / year
Walk / Run / Cycle (5 miles) 1 30 / month
10 Workouts 1 1 / 10-days

How Your Points Work:
a. Special discount or coupon for every 100 points
b. Coupons are distributed at the beginning of the month after reaching 100 points (2 weeks via email, and 3-5 weeks via snail mail
c. Coupons expire after 30 days.


At all retail outlets offering these savings, it's important to note that Apps can run concurrently with rewards, if:

  • Customer is using a wireless activity tracker
  • Reward account is linked to MapMyFitness or a similar compatible fitness app that records activity in the background like MapMyFitness does
  • Activity is manually logged after workout. (We really can't stress this enough -- if your don't log your activity, none of your sweating and running will correspond to any savings.)

Need help getting started? Try these popular running apps and start saving!

  1. Zombies, Run! (iOS/Android)
  2. Running Paws (Android)
  3. Cardio Smackdown (iOS)
  4. 7 Minute Superhero Workout (iOS/Android)
  5. BattleSuit Runner Fitness (Android)
  6. The Walk (Android)
  7. RunTroll (Android)
  8. Big Cat Race (iOS/Android)
  9. NFL Play 60 (iOS/Android)
  10. Ingress (Android)
  11. SpecTrek (Android)