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The 8 Best Outfits in The Exorcist

The 8 Best Outfits in The Exorcist
Lauren Englisbe

Let’s be absolutely real. The Exorcist terrifies me. Like, crying like a baby petrified and sitting up late at night with every light blazing. It’s a film that frightens us on a basic fundamental level, showcasing good vs. evil, light vs. dark: concepts we’ve been taught to fear, and rightly so, since infancy.

Me, I have to watch most of it from behind my hands, clutching the remote so I can fast-forward at a moment’s notice. But it’s nearly Halloween, and I’m a grownup, goshdarnit, and I can’t just hide behind my fear any longer.

So for you, dear reader, I rewatched The Exorcist. Just for you. But because I’m a huge ninny and that’s still not gonna anytime soon, I invented a fun game called…

How Can You Be Scared of The Exorcist When It Has All This Amazing 70s Fashion?!

1. Between those diabolical (har! I’m just getting started) high-waisted pants (with coordinating belt) and the veritable smörgåsbord of knitwear, Ellen Burstyn is kicking this off on a high note.

Ellen Burstyn keeps us in stitches.

2. Her ensemble is devilishly strong here: Kitty Winn proves herself a worthy adversary for Burstyn.

Kitty Wynn looks a little hot-under-the-collar.

3. TWOFER ALERT, TWOFER ALERT. Winn and Burstyn look sinful in this floral, kimono-inspired jumpsuit and a full-skirted periwinkle confection.

Gals being pals.

4. This partygoer is dressed like Circe Nightshade called and asked her to sub in for Goth Talk and she looks wickedly good.

5. Ladies, even when you’re having a hell of a day, never forget the all-important ascot.

Ellen Burstyn's ascot is the heart and soul of this movie.

6. This plaid jacket is fiendishly stylin’. Nothing more to say.

A vision in plaid.

7. Kerchief game always on point, even when that cursed Father Karras is trying to convince you possession doesn’t happen anymore and you should go back to your psychiatrist.

They're obviously cut from a different cloth.


Ugh ugh ugh there’s a huge long spell in this movie in which no one looks fashionable and everything is awful and BRB I’m going to snack on devil’s food cake and hide for a while.


8. Ahhh, you gals look so great, I’m so glad you’re OK! Well, I know you’re only as OK as you can be with the infernal threat of a sequel looming, but let’s just enjoy this moment — and this outerwear! — while it lasts.

Let's hope this isn't a dead-end.

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