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5 Hipster Ponchos You Can't Unsee

5 Hipster Ponchos You Can't Unsee
Lauren Englisbe

Oh, ponchos. Easily the redheaded stepchild of the sartorial world, they never seem to stick around in the U.S. long enough to earn any real respect. Put one on, and suddenly your whole outfit becomes a statement (and suddenly it’s also veeeery difficult figuring out how to wear a purse).

Their maligned status makes them the perfect accessory for hipsters, who delight in pieces that even your Great-Aunt Patty (the one with the bouffant, who always has lipstick on her teeth) would pass over at the thrift shop. And thus with hipsters we get ponchos that we’ll never forget, ponchos you won’t believe: ponchos we can never unsee.

We’ve collected our top five here for you; enter at your own risk.

5. Rainbow Brite Poncho

A chunky crochet stitch can be tough to pull off at the best of times, but add rainbow colors and regurgitate all that into a poncho pattern and…well I guess you’re cooking? This girl (first seen on the Sartorialist) wins bravery points for boldly mixing four types of knits, but we can’t help wishing that she’d have saved some scraps of yarn for the Color Kids.

The Color Kids

4. Rock 'n' Roll All Night Poncho

What, did you think we’d give Devendra Banhart a pass just because he’s an indie musician? Please. Devendra, sweetie, you clearly have the money not to gank your Memaw’s blanket, use it as a duvet cover as you sleep on the beach, and then wear it as couture – and yet. And yet.

On the plus side, this gives me the perfect occasion to use my new favorite gif!

3. Working on My Core Poncho

Hey, man, you wanna come with me to acro-yoga today? Yeah, it’s around 11, then after I thought we could check out that new paleo brunch spot. This eating clean has totally taken me to the next level with my barefoot running. It’s like ~tantric~, I swear.

Oh no, what do you mean it’s raining? Global warming strikes again, eh? Hang on, lemme just find my poncho; since I KonMaried my closet I forgot where I put everything.

2. Have Poncho, Will Travel 'cho

Look, I get it, Burning Man is in the Nevada desert, an unpredictable, inhospitable land. Days are scorching, nights are freezing, and the importance of layers simply can’t be disputed. I get that you want something you can don and doff with the changing winds, something that tells your fellow revelers that you come from the earth and you will return to the earth.

It’s just…I really think you can take this a whole lot farther. Have you ever though, for instance, of something like this next gem?

1. Snug as a Bug in a Rug Poncho

Half-poncho. Half-Snuggie. All-perfection. You’ll never unsee this one…because you’ll never want to see any other garment ever again.

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