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10 Best Backpacks For Under $40 Part 2

10 Best Backpacks For Under $40 Part 2
Shelby Deering

That magical time of the year is upon us that’s known as “back to school.” Well, it’s magical for the parents. For the kids, no so much. But there is something that can ease the pain of another summer coming to an end—a brand-new, super-cool backpack. And since you parents out there will already be paying for pencils, glue, markers, hundreds of bottles of hand sanitizer, anti-gravity boots, and whatever else appears on those incredibly long school supplies lists, you’re probably in the market for a reasonably-priced backpack. Well, look no further. Here are 10 of our favorite backpacks priced under $40.

JanSport Superbreak Galaxy Backpack, $40


Yeah, this is a pretty out-of-this-world backpack.

Nailhead 16” Photo Real Food Doughnuts Backpack, $9.88


This doughnut backpack has a hole lot of appeal.

Solid ClassMate® Small Backpack, $34


Pretty in pink, plus it can be monogrammed—with a unicorn. Awesome.

FWI Frenchies Cat Backpack, $9.99


We think this backpack is just purr-fect.

 Pack on Track Backpack in Kelly Green, $39.99


All of the other kids will be green with envy.

 Marvel Comic 16” Backpack, $9.88


A superhero backpack that packs a punch.

The North Face Sprout Pack, $35


With this geometric backpack, the school year will shape up to be great.

Bean’s Pal Packs, $34.95sharkshark

A backpack you can really sink your teeth into.

 Wildkin Horses in Pink Bogo Backpack w/ Lunch Bag, $33.39


Run like the wind to this backpack that, bonus, comes with a lunch bag.

  Double Dutch Backpack-Black White Super Star, $24.99