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The 10 Part-Time Summer Jobs with the Best Perks

The 10 Part-Time Summer Jobs with the Best Perks
Samantha Arroyo

School’s out, finals are complete, and summer is just around the corner. Here is our list of top 10 summer jobs that come with a side of fantastic perks.

1. Waitstaff/Bartender

Not only will you learn how to work in a fast-paced environment and enhance your multi-tasking skills, but you’ll also rake in large sums of cash each shift. Since most servers make 18 to 20% off the total bill and work several tables simultaneously, consider working at an upscale restaurant with entrees ranging from $20 to $50 a plate. Or, if you prefer a laid-back environment, work poolside at a resort. Vacationers tend to think less about dropping a lot of cash while they’re on holiday, plus, you’ll work up a pretty fantastic tan. Another perk? When you take home hundreds of dollars a shift (potentially), you won’t have to put in as many hours each week, giving you plenty of opportunities to hit the beach on your days off.

2. Lifeguard

Speaking of tans, lifeguarding makes this summer goal a piece of cake. Depending on where you work, you’ll either get paid to sit in the sand or hunker down poolside. But don’t think that’s all it takes. Lifeguards are required to meet many physical fitness requirements (after all, you’re responsible for saving lives!). So, not only will you work up a fabulous tan, you’ll stay in shape, learn several rescue and first-aid skills, and get CPR certified. All of this and you may never have to jump into the water.

3. Babysitter

While the work isn’t always guaranteed, you’ll have the flexibility to set your own schedule and choose your own “clients.” Plus, according to, babysitters average $10 per hour—well above the minimum wage—and it can go up from there, depending on how many children are under your care at once.

4. Movie Theater Admissions

Free movies anyone? Whether you’re working in the ticket office, sweeping up popcorn spills, running the projector, or working concessions, movie-theater employees often get to view new releases for free. According to AOL Jobs, if you were to see one show a week, you’d save an average of $500 each year in ticket costs alone. Not to mention all the free popcorn and nachos you’re likely to score.

5. Retail Clerk

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, try snagging a job at Dick’s Sporting Goods where you can get up to 25% off select merchandise and the opportunity to enroll in a tax-free college savings plan. Love clothing and accessories? A job at Macy’s will get you up to 20% off items at all Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s stores throughout the year. Plus, associates get an extra 10% discount at select times of the year and can use most of the coupons available to customers on top of their employee discount to maximize their savings. Or consider American Apparel. Employees get 50% off everything in the store. Plus, new hires get a $200 stipend to purchase clothing to meet the company’s dress code requirements: head to toe AA apparel while you’re on the clock. Retail associates may not get paid the big bucks, but the perks sure make up for it.

6. Barista

Coffee connoisseur? Keep the coffee flowing and your community caffeinated with a job as a barista. While baristas usually make around $8.50 an hour for serving up fancy coffee concoctions, some make up to $12 at high volume shops (that includes tips). Plus, there are usually some delicious benefits. Starbucks, for example, gives baristas a 30% discount at company stores, free food and beverages during their shifts, and discounts at other retailers for savings on mobile service, travel, apparel and more. Plus, they even offer 100% tuition reimbursement for employees who enroll in one of Arizona State University’s online programs.

7. Theme Park Attendant

Not only will you be able to bask in the sun’s rays, but you’ll also be surrounded by your peers and will benefit from free or deeply discounted tickets. Whether you’re a greeter, ride attendant, gift shop clerk, or bag checker, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to feed your inner rollercoaster junkie on your “off” days. Theme park attendants are typically offered free admission to the park and are given a handful of free tickets, so you can invite friends and family. Six Flags, for instance, offers employees unlimited park access for you and a guest of your choice! Plus, you’ll get pretty steep discounts on food and beverages inside the park.

8. National or State Park Employee

Depending on your career path, a summer gig at a national or state park may be in your best interest. The National Parks Service offers employment opportunities at 407 locations nationwide and could help narrow your focus in college. They’ve hired botanists, archaeologists, carpenters, gardeners, historians, geologists and more. You may even be able to take advantage of the park’s transportation system (think free bus passes!), employee meal plans, and free sightseeing trips. Get paid to do what you love—or what you aspire to do for a living.

9. Caddy

If you’re an avid golfer and already know the lingo, caddying could be the perfect opportunity for you to make connections and spend more time on the green. You’ll make an average of $30 to $60 per bag carried plus tips, and more experienced caddies will earn up to $100 per bag. If you perform your duties well—cleaning balls, selecting proper clubs, raking sand traps, etc.—you can expect generous tips and even opportunities to work tournaments, which will earn you even more.

10. Landscaper

If dirt doesn’t scare you, consider landscaping which is in high demand during the summer months. You’ll spend your days outside under the summer sun and will work up quite a sweat planting, trimming, mowing and performing other duties. You can plan to rake in $11 to $14 per hour, and keep in mind that you’ll get the added bonus of a tan and full-body workout.

Summer jobs are starting to fill now, and May is one of the best times to apply. Sign up for a free account at and start posting your resume today!

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