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You Should Have a Beer Next Week

You Should Have a Beer Next Week
Shelby Deering

There’s a quote out there that says, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” Well, if that’s the case, love and happiness should abound on April 7, which is National Beer Day. And then April 8 is All is Ours Day, which is a little more vague than an entire holiday devoted to beer, but basically the idea is that we should be grateful for our world and everything that surrounds us, from flowers to sunshine to beer, I guess.

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall...

Beer Tasting

The most obvious way to celebrate National Beer Day is to drink beer, of course. This means you should probably partake in a brewery tour, rock a Guinness T-shirt and perhaps even make your own homebrew. Get started with a Mr. Beer North American Beer Brewing Collection, on sale at Sears for $63.99. The smell in your house might be a bit, um, pungent, so you might want to make sure Mrs. Beer isn’t home first.

As you make your own beer concoctions, you can refer to this ever-so-handy Periodic Table of Beer Styles poster for $7.99 from It’s quite informational, and it just looks cool, too. If you want to give off the impression that you’re a hipster beer snob, you need to hang up this poster in your home.

If there’s not a brewery for miles and home-brewing just isn’t your bag of barley, then crack open a few of your favorite brews and enjoy them in this Libbey Craft Brew 5 Piece Beer Flight Set, priced at $19.99 from Target. You’ll look all fancy-like, even if you’re secretly sampling different varieties of Milwaukee’s Best.

Everything is Awesome!

jump silhouette

You’ll probably be in a euphoric state after National Beer Day, so it should be pretty easy to celebrate All is Ours Day. That is, if you haven’t partaken in too many libations. Or else All is Ours Day might quickly turn into Please Be Quiet and Don’t You Dare Wake Me Up Day.

The world is a pretty awesome place (except for that piece that is currently inhabited by Justin Bieber), and you can remind yourself of that with this “The World is Your Oyster” motivational print from Etsy. It’s an instant download, and it’s $5. You know, I don’t actually know what that phrase means. Why is the world your oyster? Note to self: Google this later.

It’s nice to keep a gratitude journal, if, you know, you actually remember to write in it. I mean, it is pretty simple. Just make a list of the things you are thankful for each day. For example: Family, Nutella, Gilmore Girls. Start writing stuff in a Moleskine Cahier Journal (Set of 3) for $9.50 from Barnes & Noble. If you fill one up, I’ll be impressed.

And then lastly, if you look around, it’s easy to feel grateful for flowers. Especially this time of year. Those little hints of green keeps hope alive that eventually, spring will happen. It might not seem like it in the midst of all of this muck and dead grass though. So in the meantime, buy yourself an arrangement, like this Rose Repose plant for $62.95 from Teleflora. But if you have allergies, you might not be so thankful for these flowers. In that case, just buy yourself a really large chocolate bar.