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4 Things You MUST Buy Before St. Patrick's Day

4 Things You MUST Buy Before St. Patrick's Day
Chantel Delulio

The bars open at 8 a.m. Midweek binge drinking is in style outside of college. You and a chorus of green T-shirts fumble your way through a few verses of “Whiskey in the Jar” before putting that whiskey in your faces. St. Patrick’s Day is truly the most wonderful time of the year — but it’s almost a whole week away. Fortunately, we’ve got everything you need so that you can white-knuckle it until Tuesday.

1. Always Be Prepared


How many times have you been stranded, say, in line at the post office or at an HR PowerPoint presentation and there’s nary a drop of alcohol to go around? “It’s five o’clock somewhere” isn’t just a cutesy saying, it’s a description of your back pocket. Discretely give yourself the willpower to power through that baptism with the Chrome Top Travel Flask from BevMo.

2. Fool the Close Talkers

Woman shouting angry to another one

Sometimes you have to talk to someone who’s not a bartender. And if we know anything about tequila shots it’s that a lot of them tend to linger on your breath. Luckily, you can get a stash of Party Mints at for 5% off with code WELCOME5 (expires 6/6). With three pounds of mints ready to go at all times you’ll never have to let conversing get in the way of more important matters (Tequila).

3. Dark Sunglasses

Weak woman sitting in the city and wearing a leopard-skin dress

There’s nothing worse than emerging after a night spent with your good friends Jack and José only to be greeted by a sunny day blazing into your corneas. Cover up those burst capillaries with the Levallois Cat-eye sunglasses. And, when you go to, you’ll get your first pair for free with code FIRSTFREE (expires 12/31).

4. Pain Killers

Asian Handsome Man in bed with tablets and water suffering insom

That pounding in your head? It’s not going away soon. But even as you blearily stare ahead, massaging your temples you know that deep down it was all worth it. Still, you might want to pick up some Tylenol Extra Strength at Plus, you’ll save $1 when you buy two. (Buy two. You’ll need two.)