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Save the Animals: Fabulous Faux Fur Finds

Save the Animals: Fabulous Faux Fur Finds
Rebecca Howard

I have a friend who proudly waltzes around in her mink coat each winter, without caring one bit if she’s less than politically correct. It’s a family heirloom, she says, inherited from her grandmother, so obviously the minks were already dead long before she wore it. Anyway, she reasons, it’s the only coat she owns, so she has no choice. I believe she just secretly loves how gorgeous and warm the fur is, and who wouldn’t? Luckily, for those of us who want the luxurious look of fur without peeving PETA, faux fur options are more plentiful than ever.

Keeping It Real (Not)

Once upon a time, faux fur coats were the height of tackiness. The fur was stiff, oddly patterned and fooled nobody into thinking it was real. Those days are long gone. Today’s faux furs are made of such quality synthetics that it’s almost impossible to tell them apart from authentic skins. Not only do they look identical, but the fur is silky soft just like it came from an actual animal; but happily, it did not.

Donna Salyers' Fabulous Furs is the place to go for the best faux furs. Can’t you see the heads turn when you enter every winter festivity wearing this ivory full-length faux mink coat ($699)? Join the email insider list to receive 20% off your next order of $200 or more. If you’re looking for something a bit more understated (if you can ever call a fur that) try this classic brown faux mink fur coat ($259) from or this affordable shawl collar jacket ($55) from Forever 21.

Seeing Spots

Is there such a thing as a real leopard-fur coat? I’m not sure, but I don’t think that leopards are actually hunted for their fur; that’s probably not legal or cost-effective. Most real furs are from another animal, like a rabbit, with the spots printed on them. Every fashion girl needs at least one leopard-print coat, but since they’re not authentic anyway, it’s best to go faux. I love this Drew leopard-print coat ($178) from GUESS?
Of course, the chicest leopard coats are vintage versions, like this retro faux leopard coat ($145) from Blue Velvet Vintage.

She’s Like a Rainbowfur coat

My personal favorite faux furs are the ones which don’t try to pretend they’re real at all. These days, faux furs come in a rainbow of colors and crazy patterns which let you stand out in the crowd. Want to get noticed at a party? Wear this peacock-patterned faux fur coat ($188) by Story of Lola at or this multi-tone faux fur coat ($55) from

This hot pink long-sleeved jacket ($158) by GUESS? instantly upgrades any outfit to fashionista status. And the best part about wearing these so-obviously-fake furs is that there’s no danger of animal-killer accusations, since day-glo orange and-pink-striped creatures aren’t found running around in nature.

Just a Touch of Faux

If you still feel a bit squeamish about wearing full-on fur, even if it is fake, you can still indulge your furry passions by accessorizing. Add a little touch of fur anywhere from head to toe, since it can be found on a huge range of items, including everything from hats and gloves to bags and shoes.

Unleash your inner Cossack and save your ears from frostbite with this Tanuki faux fur Russian hat ($59) from FabulousFurs, available in ten different colors.  Carry just your party essentials in this little pet of a faux fur roll-top clutch ($60) from TopShop.

Fur-trimmed gloves are the height of elegant winter attire. Faux options, like these Jania faux fur fur shoestrimmed gloves ($125) by Ted Baker are just as good at keeping your paws warm and cozy. And last but hardly least, I become an animal myself over these incredible June Ambrose faux fur and suede pumps, $120 at I will literally sit up and beg for them.

Now that we’ve covered the wide array of faux fur clothing and accessories inhabiting the fashion world, you can see how easy it is to be ethical and chic at the same time. Help save our furry friends by going faux.


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