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The Best Uncommon Gifts

The Best Uncommon Gifts
Lindsay Lee

Trying to find the perfect holiday gift can be challenging, especially if you're on a budget. Luckily, there is a plethora of unique and unusual products out there. We've compiled some of the best uncommon gifts that your friends and family will never forget!

For the Guys

Men can be notoriously difficult to shop for. Luckily, we've got you covered. Is your brother or cufflinkssignificant other a science geek? These affordable fossil cufflinks will leave him in awe ($20.90). Handmade of actual ammonite fossils, he will have never seen anything like it. Is your best friend more of a guy's guy? Grab him a Wallet Ninja to put in his stocking ($9.99). With 18 features that easily tuck into his wallet, he'll never be without a wrench, screwdriver, ruler or box cutter.

For the Girls

Between jewelry, clothes and accessories, it's hard to narrow down what to buy your best lady friends. For the hopeless romantic, consider giving her the Smittens ($18). It's also great for newly engaged or married couples, too. For a truly special and sentimental gift, go for this fingerprint necklace ($70). Great for mothers, it's fully customizable to keep a piece of your loved ones with you at all times.

For the Kids

Instead of just buying another toy they’ll get bored of a day later, reach for something that will really spark their interest. Forget the batteries, boxes and endless instructions. Stick with simple and innovative to keep them entertained. For the kids that like color, you’ll need the Crayon Bandolier ($25). It can hold a set of 24 crayons and it keeps the mess to a minimum.

For a gift parent and child can enjoy together, take a look at the Car Play Mat matching shirts ($38). It helps with bonding time and allows for imaginative play. If you have older creative teens to buy for, consider Crayon Rings ($5.99). They’re literally wearable art.

For the Home

Once you become an adult, you realize that some of the best gifts are for the home. For the class clown or family prankster, search no further! This PooPooPaper Stationery Set is just what they need ($14.99). It’s made out of real elephant dung, but has none of the odor and sanitary issues that you might expect. You’ll have the last laugh this time!

Maybe you’ve got a vegan or vegetarian in your family. Give them a perfectly ironic gift with this iconic Deer Bust made out of cardboard ($30). This is also a lovely gift for your eco-friendly friends. Put those music buffs to shame when you show up with recycled 45 rpm coasters ($19.95). They’ll be forever grateful!

For Someone That Has It All

We all know that person that has it all. What do you get someone that needs nothing? Give them something they never knew even existed! Did you know that you could easily become a laird, lord or lady in real life? You can receive an official title when you purchase a small plot of land in Scotland, without having to leave the comfort of your home ($49.99).

What about that friend that loves wine? You can actually Adopt a Vine for them at the vineyard of grapevineyour choice! Benefits can vary per vineyard, but generally include vast discounts, a membership card and certificate, and special event invitations.  Do you have a friend or relative that loves animals? Make them happy by adopting an animal from WWF ($25). Although the animal isn’t physically yours, you help keep the species from going extinct. Packages vary, but always include an adoption card with a photo and species guide card.

Little did you know that there were so many interesting gift choices out there. Forget the fuzzy socks, beauty gift sets and generic blankets. Give your friends and family something unique they can treasure for years to come.


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