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Pay Less For That Wedding Dress

Pay Less For That Wedding Dress
Jackie De Pape Hornick

It is fun to watch those reality television shows that follow the bride-to-be as she searches for the one. I am not talking about looking for the right partner; I am talking about looking for the right dress. But, what usually makes my jaw drop to the floor is when the bride announces her budget for the dress -- and it's an astronomical price that rivals the price tag of a small wedding. Choosing a dress is a tricky balance. On the one hand, you know how little the garment will be worn compared to its price. Yet, you also know it is your special day and you only get to pick one. There are ways to (gasp!) get a wedding dress at bargain. Keep these tips in mind before you begin dress shopping.

Buy Off The Rack

167066811Chances are buying off the rack is a wedding dress shopping tip you have heard before. If you are new to traditional wedding dress shopping, here is how it works. You find the dress of your dreams, pay for the dress (partially or in full) and then you are called to come back to the store to pick up the proper-sized dress (or hopefully as close as possible to save costly alterations). By the time you get this phone call though, it is many, many months later. Sometimes that lengthy process can be avoided by negotiating with the store to buy the sample size the store keeps in stock for brides to try on. The benefit of taking the sample home with you is that because it is slightly worn you can usually negotiate a reduced price and may also be able to save a bundle on alterations if the sample fits you like a second skin already.

Shop In Store; Buy Online

The thought of online shopping for a wedding dress is enough to make many brides shudder. The wedding dress shopping experience is just that -- an experience. Inviting friends over to watch you click "add to cart" does not have the same effect. However, at my online retailers, wedding dresses are significantly more cost-effective than store prices. So, why not do both? Shop in brick-and-mortar stores, find 'the' dress and then walk away. Complete the transaction at home online. Your measurements should be pretty accurate, as you can have them taken at the store where you tried the dress on.

Order a Prom Dress106411575

Wedding dresses come in all shapes and sizes and there can be a thin line between prom dresses and wedding dresses, depending on the style. Do not overlook the prom dress section when you are wedding dress shopping. Dresses in this section are at least one-third the price of traditional wedding dresses. And, many of the dresses can be ordered in shades of white. The prom dress you try on may be teal blue, but the dress may actually be available in 20 colors. This can be an especially great section to check out if you are looking for a short dress. Options may be slim in the wedding dress section.

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