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Money-Saving Tips for Labeling School Stuff

Money-Saving Tips for Labeling School Stuff
Jackie De Pape Hornick

Back in my day, the only labels I saw at school occurred when you ended up with two children in your class with the same first name. From that day forward, one of them got to stick with their first name, while the other was forever after known as "Jennifer R." and labeling of jackets, shoes, etc. ensued. The new rule of thumb in the school system is that your child's name should be on anything and everything that accompanies them to school from their underwear to their backpack. While you are still welcome to get the black sharpie marker out and start writing in every piece of clothing, labeling products and ready-to-go label packages do exist for this very purpose. And, these products are marketing themselves as dishwasher safe, washing machine safe, microwave safe and so on. Whereas your black marker efforts may be completely unreadable after one wash.

There Is A Label For That

Indoor shoes, cups, even pencils, you can buy a properly-sized label for every imaginable school or daycare supply list. And not only is the label the appropriate size, it is also made of the appropriate material to stand the test of time as you do the laundry or wash the dishes.

Surprisingly Expensive73977054

For essentially a stationary item, I will admit I was surprised to see how costly label packages were. For example, the daycare label packages at I.D. Me Labels costs $42.95. Do not forget either that cost is for every child you have participating in daycare, preschool and beyond.

Last Name Labels

When you go to a label company's website and select the product or package yoSHOEu want, the one personalization thing they ask you for is the child's first name. If you play by the rules and enter your oldest child's name here, you may find you need to buy separate label packages for all three of your children then. Plus, if these labels are supposed to be as durable as they claim, when your oldest child's shoes become your middle child's shoes it can be confusing if it is not the right name inside the shoe -- requiring you to yet again buy new labels. If you choose to buy a label package with your family surname instead of each child's first names, you can share labels amongst all your children and easily pass items from child to child.

Label What You Love

Perhaps the thought of labeling every single piece of clothing in your child's closet is enough of a headache to make you consider convincing your child to wear the same, labelled outfit every day. Knowing that labels are not cheap, be smart as you label. Label the most important items first: I am talking about the large items that are going to and from school every day like lunch kits, backpacks, jackets and shoes. Then, label the most expensive items after that. What would you be most upset about losing? Maybe even more importantly, what would your child be most upset about losing? Is there a favorite headband or hoodie that you would hate to see accidentally go home with another student? Then, go crazy with the leftover labels. Label every single crayon in the box if it makes you happy.

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