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Hosting a Budget-Friendly TV Season Premiere Party

Hosting a Budget-Friendly TV Season Premiere Party
Jackie De Pape Hornick

Fall is that glorious time of year when we welcome back many of our favorite television shows from their summer hiatus. After months of waiting (which is even harder now in our binge-watching world), the season premiere episode is one you do not want to miss. Especially considering so many shows end their season on a cliffhanger to leave you wanting more. Instead of watching the show all by your lonesome, while all your friends also watch it at their respective homes, why not host a theme premiere party? It will save you a lot of texting back and forth with your friends and can be creative without being expensive.

1)  Modern Family

Modern Family returns September 24. If this is a favorite show amongst your friends, consider hosting a party for your family in the spirit of the show. On Modern Family, the characters can often be seen gathering at family patriarch Jay Pritchett's house. One one occasion he made a spaghetti sauce that was a special family recipe. There are few dinners you can make that are as inexpensive as spaghetti. Invite your relatives over, serve spaghetti and grab an empty picture frame to take family photos and replicate the opening theme of the show.

2) The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory also returns September 24. The characters of this sitcom oFirstften order takeout fast food from various establishments and gather in the living room at Sheldon and Leonard's apartment to eat. Turn your place into Sheldon and Leonard's by simply scattering takeout menus on the coffee table, having a spirited debate about who gets to decide where to order from and designating a 'Sheldon spot' on the couch with a throw pillow. If you have any geeky action figures or textbooks to decorate your living room, all the better.

3) Homeland

On the drama side of things, Homeland returns on October 5. All you need homeland4_2163752bis some string and some 4 x 6 photo prints of your friends to make an CIA-themed wall of interest in true Carrie Mathison style for decor. You could throw on some jazz music and serve a little wine as Carrie is also used to doing. Even cheaper yet, you could just throw on a pot of coffee for burning the late night CIA oil.

4) The Biggest Loser

Of course there are new reality television series returning too. The Biggest Loser is back on September 11. This could be the most inexpensive party to host of them all. You could set out treats as temptations, but guests really are not supposed to be eating them. Fill your living room with workout equipment like small hand weights and yoga mats and encourage jumping jacks at commercial breaks. I'd skip holding a weigh-in session if you actually want anyone to attend your party. A cooler full of water bottles and a plate of carrot sticks should get you through the night.

Whatever your favorite show is, thinking back on recent episodes should give you some ideas on what you could serve for food and drink for your premiere party.

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