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Saving Money (And Time) With Task Rabbit

Saving Money (And Time) With Task Rabbit
Kate Loweth

Benjamin Franklin sure knew what he was talking about when he said “time is money.” And today that is even more true as we hustle to get from one activity to the next. TaskRabbit has taken this idea to the next level by providing a forum where a person (called a TaskPoster) can post a job that she needs done and have it done at a price she picks.

How Does it Work? task rabbit search

You have a job that needs to be done but not the time or ability to do it. That’s where your friendly TaskRabbit comes in! Register on the website and post your job – you can either offer a price that you are willing to pay or request bids from available TaskRabbits. How much is it worth it to you to get someone to buy and deliver a pulled pork sandwich from your favorite food truck parked across town? Assemble your kid’s bunk bed? Wash your car? If you have a price in mind, then you could post the job at that price and the first TaskRabbit to accept the job will be assigned.

Some TaskPosters take the approach of asking for bids for the job to be done. Maybe your job does not require any specific skills and you just want it done at the lowest price you can get? This second option of requesting bids allows you to review the profiles of potential TaskRabbits and select the one that you want for the job.

TaskRabbit requires background checks from all of its TaskRabbits and once a TaskRabbit completes a job, the TaskPoster can review the TaskRabbit and rate the job done.

How Can TaskRabbit Save Me Money?task rabbit assembly

You might be thinking, if I am paying someone to do a job for me, how does that save me money? Let’s say your son’s birthday is the next day. You are hosting his 20 closest friends at your house for a big party and you just now realized that the bike he is DYING to receive must be assembled. Do you take a half day from work to put it together? Or hire someone (likely with more experience) to do it for you? Sounds like the perfect opportunity to bring in a TaskRabbit!

Or you have been assigned the job of planning your parents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary party but you are crazy busy with work. You don’t have time to research all the options available to host 100 people for appetizers and drinks. Request virtual assistance from a TaskRabbit who can find you the local options that are available on your requested date at the price you want to pay.

Avoid having to rent a truck to pick up large items by having a TaskRabbit deliver them for you. A quick search of the TaskRabbit website shows that pick up, delivery and assembly of IKEA furniture is a popular job posting. It is understandable as anyone who has ever spent hours hunched over those directions with a hex key is all too familiar the black hole that occurs when IKEA assembly is required. Some people have skills for deciphering those cryptic directions and assembling things in no time at all.

If you’d rather spend your summer days by the pool or at the park with your kids, look through the items you have on your “To-Do” list and think about which ones you would rather pay someone else to do. Then head off to TaskRabbit and check them off your list!

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