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How to Get Discounted Beauty Services

How to Get Discounted Beauty Services
Lindsay Lee

For women, one of the biggest parts of our discretionary budget goes to salons and spas. Between highlights, manicures, and facials, it can really add up! Luckily there are some great ways to save on these necessary luxuries! Read along to find out how to get the best prices on your beauty services.

Find a Studentbudget beauty nails

The best way to get discounted services is through a student. They want to, and are required to, get as much practice as possible. Start your search through Craigslist to easily find local students. They usually advertise their needs on short notice. For salons, most postings will ask for a certain length or style of hair. Sometimes, you can choose your hair service, but most likely, the student will need to demonstrate a select coloring or styling technique. For this sort of experience, the service is usually free or highly discounted.

If you want to have more control of your outcome, try visiting your local beauty school. Aveda is well known and respected for having a professional beauty school nation-wide. Services range from hair and makeup to manicures and scrubs. Prices are highly discounted and appointments can be booked with all ranges of students. A professor also overlooks the process to ensure your intended results.

Become a Model

Similar to that helping a student, you can also sign up to become a hair model if you live in a large metropolitan area. What this entails is staying on a list to let professionals practice new techniques on your hair. You can opt in or out of services, but they will tell you about the service before you go in. Sometimes, models are chosen for their hair type, length, or color.

For a great experience, Bumble & Bumble offers a model program. They tend to be very selective though! If you have a curly mane, the Ouidad model program is for you! For a completely glamous experience, try out for the Frederic Fekkai model program. Redken also offers a model program, which is perfect if you like the more modern styles.

Comparison ShopBudget Beauty App

These days, one of the easiest ways to find a discount is through comparison shopping. Because of supply and demand, finding a great deal has become easy. Try the Lifebooker app to find last-minute open appointments at low prices. They offer all sort of beauty services, such as eyelash extension and Botox. They also frequently offer bargain prices with their Loot deals!

For a similar experience, check out Beauty Booked, which features a large selection of the best salons and spas. The site includes special deals and reviews to help you pick the best value. They've also got an app for when you're on the go! The best part is that they have a killer rewards program that helps you earn points to get your next appointment for free!

Who knew you could have a spa day on a budget? It's now possible with all of these options! Be sure to check out the sites and apps often, because they get scooped up quickly!

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