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The More, The Merrier – How to Save on Group Travel

The More, The Merrier – How to Save on Group Travel
Linsay Thomas

If you are attending a wedding out of town, planning a family reunion or just traveling with many friends or family members, you might have 10 people or more in your party. Trying to coordinate travel arrangements for a dozen or so people can be not only challenging but costly. However, with proper planning and perfect timing, you can save big while having the time of your life with loved ones.

Use a Travel Agent

In the age of the internet, many people may not know that travel agencies still exist. While they may seem like a dying breed, there are still many of them around to help with complicated travel arrangements. Group travel typically falls under this category. If you’re trying to get a large group of people together, you will need to coordinate arrangements such as airfare, rental cars and hotel rooms. Travel agents typically charge a small fee for their services, but they can help ensure everything goes smoothly. They offer special services as well. They can offer special promotions you will not find elsewhere and even handle unexpected issues that might arise while you are on your trip.


Try a Cruise

Cruises are ideal for large groups because all the amenities are in one place – aboard the ship. There is such a wide variety of activities that everyone – from children to young adults to the elderly – will be sure to find something fun to do. Plus, some cruise lines such as Carnival and Norwegian offer discounts and perks to large groups. For example, you may receive an onboard credit, a percentage off for each room or free champagne or chocolates.

Find the Right Website

If your party wants to stick with booking multiple hotel rooms, check out the rates at first. The site specializes in group travel, particularly hotel rooms. Just choose your preferences and automatically receive rates from popular hotels. The nice thing about this site is that if the rates drop after you make a purchase, you will receive the lower rate as well.

Be Flexible

Traveling is very popular – and costly – in the summer months. If at all possible, travel during the off season. There are many places that still experience warm weather in the early fall and spring, so try to plan a vacation during those times. Not only will you save big, but most hotels are better able to accommodate your group. In the summer, you would be hard-pressed to find a hotel that offers multiple rooms for multiple nights. But at other times of the year, these rooms often go unfilled, so if you want the best selection, avoid the heavily-traveled summer months and holiday weekends.


Plan Early

When you travel alone, you can often score deep discounts by procrastinating. But when you plan group travel, the opposite is true: the earlier, the better. This is especially true for cruises, which often require 90-120 days advance notice for groups of 16 or larger. So if your family is planning a huge reunion for Christmas, start organizing now. Not only will you receive advance planning discounts, but you will feel more relaxed knowing that everything is already taken care of.


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