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Secondhand Savings: Buying Used Kids Clothing

Secondhand Savings: Buying Used Kids Clothing
Susan Smith

Keeping up with the constant laundry can be a nightmare, but kids need tons of options when it comes to clothes. Rain coats, boots, snow clothes, sweaters, shorts, and much more are necessities for your kids to be comfortable. All this gear can get pretty pricey if you purchase it at full price. Fortunately there are alternatives to just hitting the nearest store. Check out this list of shopping options when it comes to updating your child’s closet.

Consignmentsecondhand outfit

Do you know what’s available in your local area for consignment shops? The fairly recent push to be green has inspired more and more secondhand shops to pop up around the country. If you are new to consignment, Consignment Mommies has put together a great website full of resources. They have a listing of consignment sales going on in local areas and will be adding a directory of consignment stores soon. If you plan to sell some clothes as well, they have some great tips and information for everyone. Head out to your local consignment shops to see what is available.


There has also been a rise of online sites re-selling second-hand clothing. The price of the item all depends on how long it’s been for sale, the condition it is in and the brand name. Convenient online shopping means that you can shop at home and avoid dragging your darlings through the retail store. The filters on the ThredUp website make it easy to find what you are looking for, and the clothes will be delivered right to your front door in their signature polka dot box. Clothing sizes for kids start at 12 months. They just recently added free returns, so if you order something that is not quite what you were expecting, feel free to send it back within 30 days. Savings of up to 80% off of original retail prices can be found, and there are tons of coupon codes out there to save $10 off or 20% off your first purchase. To top it off, if you order a clean out bag, they will ship you one of their polka dot bags, you can fill it up with the clothes that no longer fit and they will pay you via PayPal for your items! ThredUp also sells women’s clothing, shoes and handbags, so don’t forget to get a little something for yourself too.

Schoolasecondhand kids schoola

Schoola is a second-hand shop designed to give back to schools. Forty percent of each sale is given back to the schools where the clothes came from. It’s kind of like a giant PTO tag sale. They only take gently used items and prefer brand name clothing, so you know you will be getting good items when you purchase. There are over 3,000 schools that participate in this website and the prices on the items are extremely affordable. They too will send you a bag where you can ship them your gently used clothing and they will send your portion of the sale in a check to your school, if you decide you want to join. Or you can just purchase really great items and feel good about your shopping, knowing that part of your purchase price is going to help schools.


FlipSize is another online site, designed to help you exchange sizes of clothes that your kids are wearing. Fill up a bag with the clothes that are too small, and send it back to FlipSize. They will go through your items and offer you either points or cash. Points are good towards purchasing new clothes from the site, or you can choose to walk away with cash for your items instead.  The Gold Membership costs $29.99 per year, but offers some great features like 30-day returns, 72-hours to keep items in your cart, and more. (If you are not a member, all sales are final.)

These secondhand places will make you look forward to your child’s next growth spurt. You can save money while also upcycling, and even make a little extra cash on the side. Be sure to download the apps for the online sites as well. They offer exclusive mobile discounts and free shipping offers fairly often for extra savings. Get your child ready for their next big adventure with a new wardrobe.


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