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Registry Must-Haves: 10 Wedding Gifts You Will Still Use in 20 Years

Registry Must-Haves: 10 Wedding Gifts You Will Still Use in 20 Years
Alison Storm

Creating a wedding registry is a rite of passage for engaged couples. Running around Bed, Bath and Beyond armed with your registry scanner can seem like a fun way to spend an afternoon, but the decisions you make could impact your life a decade or two down the road. You'll probably get more gifts on your wedding day than at any other point in your life. Get the most value out of your stash of wedding gifts by taking some advice from those with the most insight. According to couples who have been married for many, many years, these are the ten weddings gifts you will still use in 20 years.

Pyrexregistry pyrex

Never heard of Pyrex? Let's just say your grandmother probably has a nice stash of it in her kitchen. The clear glass bakeware has been around since 1915. It's durable, practical and can be used to make meals in your household for the rest of your life.

Everyday Dishes

Even if you already have dishes, it's a good idea to register for a new set. Fine china is special, but if you only go for one set of dishes try choosing something more practical. "After 16 years we still use our plates we registered for," says Kim Rhodes. "I picked Mikasa Italian countryside. Simple for every day use. Classy so it can be dressed up for special events. Timeless and still available today in stores. We didn't do a fine China when we registered. We chose one plate that could do it all."

Ice Bucket

Ice buckets don't have a place in most people's daily life. But if you put an item like that on your wedding registry you'll have it ready to go for special occasions. It may not get used on a regular basis, but you'll be glad you have it when you need it.

Quality Cookware

You can buy pans at Walmart, but that doesn't mean you should. A good set of quality cookware can hold an important place in your kitchen cabinets for decades, if you choose wisely. "Gene's mom died a few months before we were married, but she left me her waterless cookware," remembers Gail Everett. "Love those pans, and often think of how expensive they were for her blue collar family. But they've gotten almost 40 years of wonderful use in our home."

Kitchen Gadgets

You may think you won't get much use out of a waffle maker or an electric griddle, but you'd probably be wrong. While those kitchen gadgets don't seem useful to someone living the single life, they'll come in handy when preparing food for a family. "We got an electric griddle from my aunt and uncle and I thought it was a crappy gift. I was wrong," admits Randy Hansen, married for almost 18 years. ?If anything, it's the gift we use the most. A great gift. I was wrong, Uncle Ted and Aunt Jean!"

Crock Potregistry crock pot

A crockpot also may not carry much weight to a single who still enjoys regular meals of frozen pizza and canned soup. But for those who have been married more than a decade, like Karyn Powell, a crock pot is worth its weight in gold. "We've been married 10 years in July and our crock pot is still going strong," she says.


Not really a sexy gift, but a toaster is certainly a practical one. Choose a decently made model and you won't have to waste your own money on a new toaster for a very long time.

Sterling Silver Serving Pieces

The thing about sterling silver is that it lasts forever. Any wedding gift you receive that's made of sterling silver will be something that lasts long enough for you to pass it on to your children. "I still use a silver tray that had our names and date inscribed 45 years ago," says Tica Tallent.

Cutting Board

A nice cutting board-- not those plastic ones you pick up in a three-pack at the dollar store-- can be pricey. While not the most exciting wedding gift to put on your registry, a cutting board will be something you use almost on a daily basis. And if you choose correctly, it will last for a long, long time.

Cake Knife

Life is about celebrating with the ones you love. Put a cake knife on your registry and use it every time someone celebrates another year of life or marks a milestone. In 20 years that simple cake knife from your wedding registry will become an heirloom, present at every special moment you've created.

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