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Frugal Fashion: Refresh Your Wardrobe with Secondhand Styles

Frugal Fashion: Refresh Your Wardrobe with Secondhand Styles
Susan Smith

With the change in seasons comes the desire to refresh my wardrobe. Being a stay-at-home mom, I do not have a huge budget to be able to put towards this, so recently I have been exploring the comeback of secondhand clothes. There have always been a few second-hand and consignment shops in our area, but with the growing trend of being green, now there are quite a few online sites worth exploring as well. Check out this list of great sites to start your refresh for less.

ThredUpthred up 20 percent off

My current favorite site is ThredUp. Their selection of clothing is for women, girls, and boys, and they have quite a variety of categories as well as price range. Search filters on the sidebar make it super easy to sort by size, brand, and type of item you are trying to find. There is even a filter for maternity clothes for those of you who may be expecting. Just recently, they have added free returns to their policy as well, so if the fit is not like you thought, you can send it right back. No risk and no hassle. But just beware, if you add something to your cart, it will only stay there a couple of hours before returning to the shop for someone else to purchase.

If that is not enough to make you hop on and start shopping, then download their app and sign up for their emails. The app sends push notifications of extra coupon codes and sales, saving you even more money.  When making your first purchase, be sure to search for coupon codes. There is almost always an offer for new customers to get a discount off their first order. As soon as you discover how much you love ThredUp, share it with all your friends. For every friend that makes a purchase through your link, they will get $10 to spend, and so will you! Win, win!

ThredUp is also a great way to clean out your closet. Just request a free Clean-Out Bag, and they will send one of their signature polka dot bags right to your mailbox. Fill it up with your brand name items that are in good condition, send them back with the free shipping label, and they will pay you for them! Payments can be used on the site to buy more clothes, or can be cashed out in PayPal. If you want to know how much your item might be worth, there is a calculator right on the site based on brand name, type of item and condition. They are accepting shoes and handbags too, so look deep in your closet.


Twice is very similar to ThredUp. Twice offers only bigger brand name items in great condition, so you know that you are getting a quality item when you place your order. Twice also offers free 30-day returns, in case you don’t like the item once you see it in person. Like ThredUp, they offer convenient filters on the site so you do not have to look at mounds of clothes that you will never fit into. But unlike ThredUp, they only offer clothes for women (not including maternity), and it's not for kids either.

Like Twice on Facebook to receive your first coupon code for 20% off your order. They also offer referral credits and discountstwice dress for downloading their app. The app is only available in iTunes currently. They too run promotions and codes when you sign up for an account, so check back often. And of course, the items being offered are always changing since they are all one of a kind.

Twice also will buy back your clothes for cash, but they have a strict list of brand names that they accept. Check their site for the full and current list. You can either request a bag sent to your house, or use your own box and print a free shipping label. Their calculator on the site will give you an idea of how much to expect, and they have an email address that you can write to if you have any questions.

Local Consignment Shops

While shopping online from home is great, sometimes what you see is not always what you get. Touching and trying on the item that you are purchasing can be a great help when trying to make a decision. Do a Google search for consignment shops in your local area and you may be surprised at how many show up.  Be sure to check your local Salvation Army as well. That old saying about one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, certainly applies here. And check your local paper for coupons to Salvation Army. I see them in the newspaper all the time.

Selling to a local consignment shop is a little bit different. Ask their policy before bringing them a huge bag of clothes. ThredUp and Twice pay you upfront for your clothes, while a traditional consignment shop only pays you when your item sells. Sometimes this can be better because you also get a higher percentage of the sale, but you have to be patient. If your item does not sell after a certain amount of time, you will also have to go back and pick it up.

Consider any one of these options for your next wardrobe makeover, and you’ll be green while saving yourself some green. Head into your closet today to search out those pieces you will never wear again and replace them with your new favorite second-hand ensemble.


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