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Men vs. Women: Who’s Looking for Deals Online?

Men vs. Women: Who’s Looking for Deals Online?
Jackie De Pape Hornick

Online shopping is done behind closed doors in the privacy of one’s home (maybe even in pajamas). Perhaps your online shopping style is to browse the same handful of websites or to only buy certain categories of products online, like electronics or book. Someone else’s online shopping habits could be totally different. A recent infographic from Paymentsense gave us the following insights into the world of online shopping habits, a world where you cannot see who is browsing the same sales rack as you.

Who’s Looking For Bargains And Deals?couple shopping

Was the last item you purchased online on sale? Seventy-one per cent of women say theirs was, while only 57% of male online shoppers say their last online purchase was on sale. Women would rather spend an extra few minutes completing the purchase to make sure they are getting the best deal possible.

Who’s Using Coupons?

Again, women are more likely (34 %) than men (26%) to use a coupon to lower their online purchase price. An even bigger example of this is the survey result that women are 62% of the U.S. audience on Groupon, the daily deals website.

Who’s Spending More?

Men are more likely to shell out the big bucks online. When asked about the dollar value of their most costly purchase in the past six months, men gave the ballpark of $1,000 to $2,500, while the range for women was down between $100 and $500.

Where Are They Shopping?couple shopping

Regardless of gender, those surveyed both list Amazon as their favorite online retailer. Ebay is also fairly evenly split between the sexes.

The number one shopping category for men is computers, while books is the category that is getting women clicking.

So, What Does This Tell Us?

Now that we’ve had a peek behind closed doors and know what our friends, neighbors and strangers are up to with their credit cards online, what does this information really mean?

For starters, we know that people want to get a good deal even when they are solo shopping at home. The majority of men and women are buying items on sale, and one in four men and one in three women are going even further and personally finding and using coupons to sweeten the deal.

While men are making more costly purchases online, we have to wonder about the frequency of those $100-$500 purchases women are making. An Etsy order here, some shoes there, and maybe women are spending just as much as men just in more purchases at lower price points.

Finally, there doesn’t seem to be a “secret place” where everyone is shopping and getting great deals that you don’t know about. The Amazons and Ebays of the world that you (and your credit card) may be intimately familiar with are the same go-to online shopping sites for everyone else.

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