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What to Buy and What Not to Buy in February

What to Buy and What Not to Buy in February
Linsay Thomas

Ever notice how some items seem more expensive in certain months but dirt cheap at other times of the year? It’s not your imagination. Retailers mark up items when they are in demand and offer deep discounts on them when they’re out of season. If you’re looking to make some big-ticket purchases in February, find out what to buy and what things should wait.

What to Buy

Clothing, Furniture and Beddingsnowboard sale

With Presidents’ Day in the middle of the month, many retailers like to offer deep discounts that three-day weekend. Department stores are where to find the huge deals – up to 80% off in some cases – on clothing, furniture and bedding.

Cell Phones

Electronics, especially cell phones, are also hot buys in February as retailer offer deep discounts in order to make way for newer gadgets. Many cell phone carriers offer deals of smartphones around Valentine’s Day. You can also find some hot deals on tablets, audio equipment, TVs and home theater systems.

Winter Sports Gear

If you’re a skier or snowboarder, you can save on gear around this time of year, since the ski season is almost over. Look for sales offering 40% off or more. Along the same line, expect jackets and other winter clothing to be on clearance in order to make way for spring clothing.

What Not to Buy

Flowers, Jewelry and PerfumeValentines cards

In February, many people flock to buy their loved ones flowers, jewelry and perfume for Valentine’s Day. This causes these items to become in high demand, which means that retailers raise the prices. If you want to save money, ask your sweetheart if you can delay buying her Valentine’s Day presents a month or so. That might not go over well, though, so either opt for non-traditional gifts or be prepared to spend a pretty penny.


Need new luggage? Experts say wait until fall, when luggage is discounted 20% or more. Expect to pay full price in February. The same goes for cameras. The best buys can be found around the holidays, but if you missed them, you can often find decent deals – up to 30% off – around May and June, in time for graduations and vacations.

Airline Tickets

You should also skip the airline tickets and movie tickets in February. With Valentine’s Day on a Friday and Presidents’ Day the following Monday, many couples may be tempted to take a four-day weekend and celebrate out of town. There might be some travel deals to be had, but if you’re looking for a truly good deal, wait until April to take that trip. As for movie ticket deals, they typically are lacking in February. If you want to save money at the box office, wait until March to go to the theater.

Patio Furniture

With spring approaching, you may start to see patio furniture and grills in stores in February, but is it a good time to buy them? Experts say no because you’ll be paying full price. Give it a few months and look for deals around Memorial Day weekend, when you can save 30%.

We can often be impatient when it comes to the things we want, but in retail, it’s all about timing. Patience can lead to huge savings on big-ticket items.

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