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Creative Custom Gifts: 10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Personalize

Creative Custom Gifts: 10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Personalize
Jackie De Pape Hornick

I bet you didn’t know you could personalize these ten items – and all at a great price. Whether your personalization place of choice is the photo center at a large department store (like Walmart) or an online business like or, you can personalize many items for under $30.

1) Tie (, $23) – A tie is a classic gift for Dad. But, how many ties does your dad have with an image or words of your choosing displayed on it? I don’t personalized tieknow if he’ll be wearing this one in a boardroom, but it would likely get a lot of laughs at a family dinner.

2) Throw pillow (, $28) – Having trouble finding the perfect throw pillows for your living room couch? Why not choose an image from the family vacation album to adorn the pillow and spice up the space? You could also come up with some fun words instead like “her spot” and “his spot.”

3) Cookie jars (, $18) – This is a great gift for grandmas everywhere. A great photo of the grandkids pretending to beg for cookies would surely get grandma smiling when she enters her kitchen – and would guarantee the jar stays full.

4) Gag gifts like a “People to Kill” spiral notebook (, $17) – Not every personalized gift has to involve cute pictures of children or puppies. Here’s something you can guarantee that not everyone (or anyone) has in their house.

5) Doormat (, $20) – Could there be a more thoughtful and just downright perfect housewarming present? Be sure to drive by the new house first to choose a colour scheme that matches the exterior of the home. Throw your gift at the door when you arrive for the housewarming party and see how long it takes the hosts to notice their new “Welcome to the Anderson’s” doormat.

6) Baby pacifier – (, $13) Some babies can be seen sucking on a pacifier day and night. A cute saying like “I know this isn’t milk” or simply the baby’s name can personalized pacimake the baby’s very sleepy new mom smile.

7) Light switch cover (, $13)– Keep a room fresh and feeling new by changing small décor items (it’s a lot easier than changing the paint). How would your home look if all the covers were black or how happy would the teenager on your shopping list be with anything with One Direction on it – even a light switch cover? (

8) Photo puzzles (, $14) – Many kids are puzzle crazy. Turn a picture from an excursion you did together into a puzzle or create the answer to your own scavenger hunt in puzzle form to make lasting memories.

9) Lunch boxes (, $20) – This is a personalization item that is best used for the under 10 age group. Your husband likely does not want his name on his lunch kit and kids over 10 may be teased for what you thought was a “really cool” personalization.

10) Recipe binder (, $21) – If you know someone who loves to cook and is always tearing recipes out of magazines, this perfect gift that lets them keep their recipes all in one spot. It won’t hurt that the binder’s cover matches their kitchen or says “Try not to burn the brownies next time” on it either.

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