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Five Amazing Shopping Scenes in Movies

Five Amazing Shopping Scenes in Movies
Jackie De Pape Hornick

Getting sick of all of those holiday movies yet? Why not watch one that's about the other big theme of December: shopping? You may be spending a lot of time in shopping malls this month, so what better way to celebrate the shopping season than to remember some great movie moments that just happened to take place in the mall. We loved Glamour magazine's recent list of The 20 Best Movie Shopping Moments Ever, but we felt there were five more that definitely should have been included.  Their list included great moments like Julie Roberts showing the saleswoman who wouldn’t serve her all the bags she bought at other stores in Pretty Woman and the tug-of-war over black gloves that set everything in motion in Serendipity. But if you're looking for the perfect shopping scene, check out one of these five.

5) Splash – Daryl Hannah plays Madison the mermaid who has just left the water and is exploring life on land in New York City. In the electronics store, her mermaid voice has an unfortunate effect on the televisions.

4) Love Actually – When you want to buy some jewelry for a woman you’re thinking of making your mistress, I’d imagine you’d want that transaction to go quite quickly. In this scene, Rowan Atkinson – the Mr. Bean – plays a salesperson that is just dying for the up-sell. He continues to offer embellishment after embellishment for the gift wrapping. Wouldn’t you like all your jewellery to come with cinnamon sticks?

3) Elf – Many movies with great mall scenes take place during the holiday season and are centered on the good old department store Santa. One of the classic mall Santa movie moments is when Will Ferrell the elf gets super excited for the arrival of Santa and then very angry when he sees that this Santa isn’t the one from his North Pole home.

2) Can’t Buy Me Love – Before he was McDreamy, Patrick Dempsey was a nerd who mowed the lawns of the popular kids to save money to buy a telescope. At the mall’s telescope store (yes it appeared to be a whole store), he spots a popular girl who he may like to “rent” instead.

1) Mannequin – The vast majority of this film is set inside department stores Illustra and Prince & Company in which a window dresser falls for a mannequin who comes alive when the store closes for the night. Who hasn’t imagined the fun they could have in a department store when everyone leaves? Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the mannequin is played by Kim Cattrall. In this scene, the couple dances around the whole store, trying on a variety of the department store’s finest styles.


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