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Young and Frugal: Meet the New Generation of Couponers

Young and Frugal: Meet the New Generation of Couponers
Alison Storm

When you imagine a couponer in your head you may get a picture of a little old lady, armed with her Fiskars, hunched over the Sunday savings inserts. But a new generation of couponers have emerged and they are proving that frugal can be cool, fun and cute!

Name: Destiny

Destiny couponer
Age: 26
Residence: Riverside, California
Day Job: Selling car parts over the phone to dealerships nationwide, sales associate at Kohl's, wife and mom to two girls.
Best Way to Follow Her: @BaggingBargains on Instagram

How She Got Started with Coupons: "I was checking out at Target with my cart full of hundreds of dollars worth of stuff, and there was a man in front of me checking out with 10 boxes of Kelloggs Krave Cereal, and he didn't pay ANYTHING out of pocket. I was very impressed, but it didn't entirely spark my interest because I was making a decent living and didn't think about saving beyond the money I put aside in my savings account. A few months after that incident I decided to end a 7 year career in banking, and be a stay at home mom. I knew right away that I had to shift the way I spent my money and I had this Instant flashback of that guy in Target, it's like a light bulb went off in my head and bells started ringing; I told myself "I want to do that, I want to be the Kelloggs Krave Cereal guy"… The passion started there and turned into a MONSTER!"

Favorite Places to Score Deals: "My absolute favorite place to coupon is Target and then CVS! I've noticed those are the two stores that I can consistantly get GREAT DEALS at, all the other stores are just every so often, for me anyways."

Her Response to People Who Say They Don't Have Time to Coupon: "If you really and truly want to save money, stock up, and coupon, you willDestiny 2 make the time. I am beyond busy, I have a very full plate, a 2 year old, a 5 year old in kindergarten, I'm self employed making hundreds of calls during the morning hours, my husband is going back to school, I'm working nights in retail, but I could NEVER not make time to coupon! Never! No doubt it is time consuming… but if you want it, you make it happen."

How Much She Saves Couponing: "I've saved $100's per month on diapers, wipes, groceries, and of course house hold items! The last time I bought diapers was 3 months ago and with coupons and store rewards I spent around $20..again that was 3 months ago! Still stocked on diapers and wipes."

How Couponing is Helping Her Cut Holiday Expenses: "There are lots of deals that you can take advantage of throughout the year that end up working out perfectly for the holidays and make great gifts for Christmas. For example a recent deal on Levi's Jeans at Kmart, a non-coupon deal, but they were marked down to $.49 cents each, all the boys in my family are getting jeans for Christmas! CVS has their Store Rewards called Extrabucks, and what they'll do is have a bunch of items that are free after the Extrabucks. Like Head Phones are $8 but you get $8 Extrabucks (store money back) If you have Extrabucks on hand already to pay for them, you get your Extrabucks back at the end of the transaction.

Her Coupon Organization Method of Choice: "I organize my coupons in a binder, I use a Sharpie to date the inserts, separate the insert Destiny and husbandinto individual pages, put them in clear page protectors, and put them into a 4 inch binder. I've found this method to be the easiest, because I don't have time to cut coupons all Sunday, plus it's neck and back breaking to sit there for hours cutting coupons!

Her Best Couponing Advice: "If I could give people advice, it would be to first gauge how much money you spend on house hold items, groceries, etc. Are there coupons for the items you use on a monthly basis? Don't get discouraged when a cashier tells you no, or if you do something wrong. Don't feel pressured or embarrassed to cancel a transaction if you're uncomfortable with the amount you will have to pay. Don't get down on yourself if you miss a deal, don't be rude to cashiers… they should become your second best friend, don't abuse coupons, and if you do abuse coupons remind yourself about how much you were paying without coupons and to be happy with the savings even if it doesn't turn out to be free! ALWAYS HAVE FUN!

Name: Marly

Marly Couponer
Age: 18
Residence: Pembroke Pines, Florida
Day Job: Full-time student
Best Way to Follow Her:@coupon_cutie on Instagram

How She Got Started with Coupons: "I got started couponing after watching the show on TLC and wanted to see if it was actually possible to get things free!"

What Her Friends and Family Think About Couponing: "My friends think it's funny and actually awesome! They love coming to my house grabbing a bag and justMarly taking whatever they please out of my stockpile. My parents love it too as it saves them a TON of money and allows for us to get better quality products for less."

Favorite Places to Score Deals: "My favorite place for health and beauty is CVS as it is the easiest place to roll rewards and never pay a penny out of pocket! My favorite grocery chain to coupon at is Publix as there are always great food deals and money maker deals that allow for my family to buy grocery necessities that there are not usually coupons for like meat, dairy and eggs."

Her Response to People Who Say They Don't Have Time to Coupon: "Once you gain momentum and understand store policies you can make scenarios in less then an hour that will save you $500+, tell me any job where you can earn $500 an hour. Plus with all the blogs and social media networks out there, the dirty work is already done for you. All that must be done is the clipping and shopping!"

How Much She Saves Couponing: "It varies by week as do the sales at stores but I easily save over $5,000 a month."

How She's Changing the Face of Couponing: "I'm a little different then many couponers due to my age. I started at 14 and have yet to look back. I walk into stores fully dressed to go out, do my shopping and then hit the club. I may be extremely young and wild but money is not a place where I mess around."

Her Coupon Organization Method of Choice: "I receive a large amount of inserts each week so a binder is not an option! Plus I don't want to look crazy bringing one into a store. So I organize my inserts in a filing cabinet and clip when I am planning my trips! If I do not receive a coupon in my inserts I order it from a clipping service or trade on social media!"

Her Best Couponing Advice: "Couponing is not for everyone but if you are dedicated to saving money anyone can do it!"


Name: Cheryl Cheryl couponer

Age: 23
Residence: Southern California
Day Job: Social Media Marketing Director for Nutz Headphones
Best Way to Follow Her: @ch3rry_coupons on Instagram

How She Got Started with Coupons: "I started to get into couponing because me and my husband wanted to start a family and still be able to live how we were living."

What Her Friends and Family Think About Couponing: "My husband is 110% supportive and my family, well, most are supportive. Most don't get it but hey if they want to pay full price good for them!"

Favorite Places to Score Deals: "I love CVS, Walmart and Target."

Her Response to People Who Say They Don't Have Time to Coupon: "You'll find time. I work UK hours and I still have find time to go couponing."

How Much She Saves Couponing: "[I save] $700 monthly."

How She's Changing the Face of Couponing: "I'm pretty young and savvy  and my stockpile is under control. Most people think that couponers are older ladies that build mounds and mounds of stuff in their house."

How Couponing is Helping Her Cut Holiday Expenses: "I'm actually done with my Christmas shopping. I've been done a while back from deals I've scored throughout the year!"

Her Coupon Organization Method of Choice: "I love the accordion method. It's small and it has everything I need."

Her Best Couponing Advice: "You don't need to extreme coupon to save money. Even if you are saving $1 or $5 a day that's still saving money. Couponing takes a lot of time, organization, and patience. I help people on my Instagram couponing classes that I teach everyday!"


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