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Couponing with Amy: Coupons for Our 4-Legged Friends

Couponing with Amy: Coupons for Our 4-Legged Friends
Amy Leneker

Each week, our resident Couponista, Amy Leneker, shares her personal shopping experiences and extreme couponing tips so that you too can be a Coupon Expert!

Do you have pets? We do! We have an Australian Labradoodle and a beta fish. In our house, they are members of the family. So of course I am always on the lookout for coupons to save on pet supplies.

Rewards Programs for Your Animal Family Members

I have found that joining the Rewards programs at the pet supply chains can equal big savings. Petco regularly sends coupons in the mail and often takes additional bonus coupons off at the register when I use my Rewards card. Since joining the Rewards program (right about the time we got our beloved Labradoodle), I haven’t paid full price for a bag of dog food yet.

Consider Costco for All Things Dog

If you have a Costco card, make sure and hit the pet aisle next time you are there. They have significant savings on dog food (assuming you can carry that large of a bag!) and pet supplies. I have found that Costco always has the best deal on dog beds. They have a large round dog bed for $19.99 that they carry year round. A similar sized bed at other pet stores will cost $70 or more. What’s even better is the Costco dog beds have covers that zip on and off for easy laundering. And they are durable!

Costco is also a great place for dog toys. They don’t carry them all the time so, when they do, stock up! A few weeks ago they had their dog toys on coupon (minus $3) so I bought 3 packs. I figured that would last us a while!

Toys on Sale Are Still Good Toys

Another great tip to save big is to buy pet toys right after a holiday when they go on clearance. I don’t know about your dog, but I’m pretty sure that my dog doesn’t know when the Christmas season is over! When all the dog toys go on sale after Christmas, I buy a ton of them and just keep them in the garage.

Last Christmas Petco had their dog toys at 80 percent off and that’s a huge savings! But don’t just think Christmas; most pet stores offer toys for all the holidays, including Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and more.

You Can Save on Pet Grooming Too

Before you pay full price for a trip to the pet spa, make sure and take a quick look for coupons. PetSmart regularly offers discounts on bathing and haircuts at their pet salon. I have found great coupons in our ValPak mailing, too. Always remember that if you find  an ad in ValPak, it never hurts to see if another merchant will match the price.

Grocery Ads - Not Just for Humans!

A final tip is to make sure and check the grocery ads for pet savings. I have found that Fred Meyer, for example, rarely offers pet coupons in the paper but they have a full page of pet coupon ads each month in their coupon book. Their coupon book is available at their customer service desk and it can equal big savings. And make sure and check the digital coupon page too!

Pay Less for Pet Prescriptions

If you find that your pet needs a prescription, make sure and ask the vet if a sample is available. If not, ask if coupons are available. I recently saved $7 off flea medicine that way. Not bad!

There are plenty of savings out there for our four legged friends. Pet coupons are easy to find! Wish it was that easy to find the energy to take my dog on a walk.

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