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How to Throw the Ultimate Super Bowl Party

How to Throw the Ultimate Super Bowl Party
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The Super Bowl is almost here and that means just one thing: time to start planning a killer party! Even if you're not the biggest football fan on the block, I think we can all agree that everyone can enjoy a good old fashioned Super Bowl party. The best part about hosting one? The entertainment aspect is already decided and is usually free (or a cable bill your husband already has covered)! Super Bowl parties are a casual, fast and easy way to hang with your pals and enjoy the big game, and if you're looking for a little help on how to get started, I'm happy to help!

Get the Word OutFootball-party-invitation-Pear-Tree

The first thing you need to do is look at a football schedule (college, NFL, or whatever - I mean hello, you can do the same thing for college bowl games too!) and decide for which game, or on which date, you want to host the party. You can't choose wrong with a bowl game, they all promise some excitement but FYI, the Super Bowl this year is on Sunday, February 5th.

Once you have your time and date set, it's time to get the word out! Football parties are casual by nature, so don't over think your invitations. In fact, you don't necessarily even need invitations, a by word of mouth invite, a Facebook invite or even a text message invite will do just fine. If you're eager to hype up your party and go a tad more formal, you might try paper invitations like these Ticket to the Game Football Party Invitations from Pear Tree Greetings or even more generic ones like these NFL Party Zone Invitations from ShinDigz. You should send your invitations out soon and then follow up with guests a few days before to remind them, and finalize any last minute details.

Food & Fun

You can't have a good football party without good football foods! My recommendation is to stick to the classics: chips and dips, pretzels, nuts, vegetables and dip, popcorn, pizza, beer, soda, water, sports drinks, barbecue food, chicken wings, and a meat and cheese tray are all great, no hassle options. If you want to get creative, I'd do it with dessert—some football shaped cookies and brownies, or a cake decorated in the colors of your favorite team would be a nice touch. The best way to theme your food is with the presentation. You can find lots of football and team themed serving pieces at both Party City and  Party America. Football-finger-food

As I mentioned before, the entertainment for your party will mostly center around watching the game but there are lots of other things you can do to entertain guests during commercials and half time or before and after the game starts. A few of my favorite activities include:

  • Running a betting board for game stats (use real or play money and give out prizes to the winners)
  • Hosting football team trivia with prizes
  • Playing football charades
  • Organizing a quick two hand touch game in the backyard

Set the Scene

Add the finishing touches to your Super Bowl party by decorating—it's what will define your party as a "party", rather than just the gang getting Football-party-paper-productstogether to watch the game. If you decided to theme your party around your favorite team (or the team you're favoring to win), you'll need to be sure to stock up on items with that team's logo or colors. If you're going with a generic football theme then you may want to let guests know so they can sport their own team's colors. Be sure to snag all the party decor regulars, like matching paper products (be sure to have plenty of napkins, spills are likely to happen during an exciting play), table cloths, balloons and cutlery! Party411 is my favorite place to find more generalized football decorations and accessories, they've also got a great selection of simple, football themed centerpieces. TeamFanatics is also a great place to get NFL team party gear, they even sell convenient party packages with all the essentials.

While decorations are essential to setting the scene for your party, I believe it's what you send home with your guests that really makes a lasting impression. There is no need to spend lots of money on elaborate favors, just the fact that each guest can take even a small piece of the party away with them, will leave them overjoyed and eager to attend your next party. Here are a few easy, inexpensive favor and prize ideas:

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