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6 Fashion Friendly DIY Halloween Costumes for Women

6 Fashion Friendly DIY Halloween Costumes for Women
Michelle Moross

Don't have your Halloween costume yet? Don't rush to the costume store. Not only will you have to brave the crowds, but just what are you actually going to do with your sexy meter maid costume once November comes? Instead, buy practical clothing pieces you'll actually wear again and style them to match today's popular costumes. These versions might not be cheaper than the original, but at least they won't spend a lifetime at the back of your closet, or in the dump. Plus, they're stylish and unique—you may run into another Tinkerbell, but never one with the same costume! Here's six women costume ideas that you may even be able to put together with things you already own!

Hermione Granger

I don't need to tell you how weird this Hermione—erm, "Wizard Wanda" costume is. Instead, stock up on basics like button ups, pleated skirts, and pullovers and throw a couple of accessories in Gryffindor colors on top.

1. Maroon and Gold Woven Striped Tie ($7.95)

2. Madewell Contrast Ex-Boyfriend Sweater ($69.50)

3. Express stretch Waistband Pleated Skirt ($19.99)

4. 212 Collection Sateen Shirt ($22)

5. Chinese Laundry Netty Flats ($39.99)

6. Harry Potter Scarf ($24.99)


This "Pixie Lust" costume is cute and comes with all of the featured accessories (shoes aside) but realistically won't get a ton of reuse—unless you wear it for many Halloweens to come, of course! But if you forsee a little more variety in your costumed future, pick up a pair of wings (light up or not—your choice), and look to your closet or the web for a green minidress that suits your style for more than one day of the year. Silver accessories and Peter Pan themed jewelry thoughtfully complete the outfit.

1. ASOS Tulip Dress with Embellished Bow ($20.36)

2. Disney Couture Platinum Plated "Believe" Necklace with Accent Stone ($15)

3. Chinese Laundry Glamor Flats in Champagne ($39.99)

4. American Apparel Cotton Spandex Jersey Strapless Ruched Dress ($33)

5. Light Up Wings and Wand ($17.95)

Snooki from Jersey Shore

You may think you're getting a bargain getting this Snooki costume for only $5, but all you get here is a dress! Instead, get the wig, find a cute party dress you can wear again (we won't tell anybody it was your Snooki dress) and accessorize it with vampy but neutral heels and costume jewelry.

1. Venus One Shoulder Dress ($44)

2. Volcom Frochickie Leopard Dress ($39.99)

3. Too Faced Tanning Bed in a Tube ($28)

4. Chinese Laundry Hotness Pumps ($49.99)

5. Metal Leopard Necklace ($13.49)

6. Forever 21 Hoops ($4.80)

7. Jersey Poof Adult Wig ($19.99)


Again, this Egyptian Princess Teen Costume doesn't come with a wig. Unless you're going to a Halloween party full of history majors, don a bib necklace, gold and turquoise beads, and a pair of versatile gladiator sandals with the white dress of your choice (pssst, #2 could get reused for a Marilyn Monroe costume!).

1. Soprano One Shoulder Draped Dress ($48)

2. White Marilyn Pleated Empire Waist Halter Party Cocktail Evening Dress ($38.99)

3. Isaac Mizrahi Live Leather Multi-Strap Gladiator Sandals ($28.76)

4. Gold Turquoise and Black Peyote Cuff ($61)

5. Color Craze Hammered Bib Statement Necklace ($12)

6. Black Pageboy Wig ($16.99)

Where's Waldo?

A feminized Where's Waldo costume is a cute idea, but the Where Am I? Find Me! costume isn't just kind of tacky, it's inexplicably expensive for so little fabric. Beanie aside, who knew Waldo would be so on trend for 2011? Stripes are everywhere, and the pants are an excuse to try out color blocking. And who says he wouldn't be into booties?

1. ASOS Honeycomb Straight Leg Pant ($35.64)

2. Round Wire Glasses ($4.99)

3. Loft Striped Long Sleeve Scoop Neck Tee ($24.50)

4. Forever 21 Knit Striped Tee ($11.80)

5. Chinese Laundry Wiz Booties ($49.99)

6. Red & White Long Beanie ($14.99)

Sponge Bob Square Pants

I don't have a good answer for why I find that Where's Waldo costume awful and this women's SpongeBob costume cute, but I do. But, SpongeBob is easily imitated with a few simple pieces—plus a silly tee shirt you can sleep in. You could also go the route of wearing brown shorts with a white button up and donning a ton of yellow facepaint, but why get messy when a costume tee will do the trick?

1. Gary the Snail Clip ($3.50)

2. Spongebob Squarepants Big Spotted Face Yellow Graphic T-Shirt ($18.99)

3. ASOS Tailored Belted Ponti Fit and Flare Skirt ($30.55)

4. Forever 21 Pleated Linen Shorts with Belt ($17.80)

5. Spongebob Squarepants Face Costume Juniors Graphic Tee Shirt ($19.99)

6. American Apparel Stripe Knee High Socks ($10)

7. Sperry Top-Sider Authentic Original 2-Eye Black ($74.95)

What do you have in your closet that you can use this Halloween, or used in the past? I wear my American Apparel sweatshirt dress from my Monsters Inc. couple costume all the time... can't say the same about his purple pants, though.


  1. Cathy L.

    I love your ideas!! But I am apparently more frugal than most!
    Case in point: knee socks for Spongebob $10.00 - invest $4.00 or a bit more or less (depending where you shop Wal-Mart, Dollar General, Dollar Tree) buy men's tube socks (come in packages 3 pair & up, take out your 1 pair for Halloween, put the rest with your Christmas presents that you already have for brother, father, uncle - BONUS!! Not only $$$ saved, a stocking stuffer (or two, break up the rest of the package between all the men in your life!!), & the pair you use for Halloween - keep handy for those cold wintry nights!! They are great for pulling on when your toes are frozen!!!
    Call me MAJORLY FRUGAL!!!
    BUT I LOVE YOUR RE-USABLE COSTUME IDEAS!!!! I WILL be passing these along to all party-goers that I know!!!
    THANK YOU!!!

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