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Got a Sugar Daddy? Crazy Ways to Pay Off Student Loans

Got a Sugar Daddy? Crazy Ways to Pay Off Student Loans
ramenHaving trouble making ends meet with your new degree? Or are you looking to get ahead of paying your school loan debts before you graduate? You’re one of millions of recent college graduates and students that have hit the work force, many with a debt of $25,000 or more. With an unemployment rate hovering around 9.1 percent, new graduates are having a tough time finding work within their degree fields to make ends meet. Most private and public student loan debts require repayment within 6 months of graduation, and if payments aren’t made, the government (or private bank) will stop at nothing -- they will hire Robocop to find you -- to be repaid. So how does a twenty-something that is new to the workforce muster the means to make their monthly payments? Sometimes multiple retail and restaurant jobs just don't cut it. Some stick it out through being creative and using what options they have at their disposal.


Donate Something

specimen-cupThe slightly-smelly free couch and the  curb-shopped spool that you’ve used for  living room decor have tied your studio apartment together comfortably through the last couple of years. It’s pretty likely, though, that you’ll have a hard time giving them away when you’re done with them, and certainly no one is going to be willing to pay the $24,891.42 you’re going need to repay your student loan debt. Maybe it’s time to get creative with what Mother Nature has given you.


  • Sperm Donation - Depending on your location and the local need, sperm donation can pay around $1200 a month, or $100 per visit. In fact, at the California Cryobank, they even offer movie tickets and gift certificates on occasion, making it a great stop before a big date. The qualification process isn’t as simple as it’s made out to be on TV, however.  Though the bank accepts donations from men of all races, cultures and backgrounds there is a screening process that requires a pretty extensive family history and disease screening.

  • Egg Donation - Donation of genetic material is not just for dudes. Though it requires an even more detailed medical process involving hormonal injections and a pelvic exam-like retrieval process, egg donation can score you $5000 to $9000 per donation. The rub is the detailed qualification process: the donor is usually around the ages of 21 to 35, able to complete a dossier on your family and medical histories, panoptic blood tests and a psychological exam.  Some require the applicant to have no tattoos or piercings, have a high income level and hold prestigious degrees. It’s also imperative that you not attempt to donate eggs to an agency advertising on the back pages of a local indie newspaper. Such clinics often require you to pay your own medical fees, and they aren’t attempting to screen you for an actual couple that wants in vitro fertilization. It’s to your benefit to do the homework before you take the plunge to go through with the process.

  • Plasma Donation - For those that feel a little odd about having their reproductive material available to the masses, plasma donation is an option for just about anyone and offers the benefit to helping people that are victims of disaster or complicated injury. And though at around $25 to $30 a visit, plasma donation doesn't pay as well as egg or sperm donation, it’s a quick process and you can do it several times a month. You can earn up to $300 a month at some plasma centers, which might be enough to pay your loan payment and maybe buy a Chipotle burrito.


Be a Sugar Baby

If you’re able to stomach the idea of dating a wealthy person 30 to 40 years your senior, with back hair or blue eye shadow, you can always try to evolve into a sugar baby. Sugar babies are young people, including many male and female college students, that seek older, wealthier individuals to date in exchange for substantial cash and gifts to get by. Though you can attempt to hook up with sugar daddies and wealthy cougars at bars or through Craigslist, there are several websites that cater specifically to the gift-seeking population.


To get inside the mind of a real-life Sugar Daddy, we recommend studying Hugh Hefner's Twitter.


Being a sugar baby is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you consider that there is no guarantee of safety (or attractiveness) in the process of going out with Mr. Moneybags. It may, however, come in handy if you’re finding that working three part time jobs is not helping your student loan debt go away. Or you can just go back to school for a while and defer payment on the loans even longer. Maybe the job market will come around by the time you get your doctorate in Leisure Studies, right?


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    Wow, these are some crazy ways to pay off student loans. Opening this blog up I didn't expect to see these.

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