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11 Target Deals College Students Shouldn't Miss

11 Target Deals College Students Shouldn't Miss
Michelle Moross

If you've waited this long to do your back to campus shopping, you must be holding out for some great deals. We've assembled a quick list of items from Target that are either currently on sale or are everyday bargains. Plus you can always check out our Target coupons to get even more bang for your buck. What do you still need to get?

Dining & Cooking

Leave mom's nice glasses at home; you'll need cups that are durable and almost disposable—you never know who's going to wander off with one of your glasses. Target has tons of plastic tumblers in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

If you're not on a meal plan, try to resist the allure of buying breakfast out - a toaster like this Proctor Silex Toaster ($22.89) will keep you from shelling out a couple bucks every morning for a toasted bagel that you can make in the comfort of your own kitchen for pennies. Maybe it'll even help you ward off the dreaded freshman fifteen!

Bath, Bedding, & Decor

Unless you're one of the lucky students who gets a private bathroom in their dorm, get ready for treks out to the showers. If parading down the hall in a towel isn't for you, make sure you pack a robe. This Paul Frank Hoodie Robe ($13.98 on clearance) is cute and provides a little more coverage.

We've told you before: don't brave those shared bathroom floors without a pair of flip flops. They don't have to be pretty, they should be disposable. These are the cheapest flip flops at Target for men ($4.98) and women ($5 for a two-pack), but keep an eye out as prices go lower as the weather cools down.

You probably already know by now that you'll most likely need twin XL bedding if you're living in the dorms. Target has lots of different designs to choose from, including this DwellStudio Magnolia bedding. It's grown up, but still fun—perfect for college.

Don't bring a ton of framed photos; they'll clutter up your already small space. Instead, display your favorites on a bulletin board like this Damask Memo Board ($17.99)—it'll keep you from marking up your walls with pinholes and tape, too.


You'll probably dress your best those first couple of weeks, but as late night "study groups" get later and you get lazier, you'll find yourself dressing for class more like it's Saturday morning and not Saturday night. Meet somewhere in the middle with this Merona dress from Target; it's comfy and easy to wear and clean. Plus, it's just $20—stock up on a few different colors.

For the guys: it's hard to resist the allure of wearing the same thing five days in a row now that your mom can't get on your case for it, but making a little extra effort will make you stand out. Jersey polos ($10 on sale) from Target are easy to clean and throw on, and they'll make a better impression on your professors (and that girl in your English class) than a doofy bro shirt.

It's going to be hard to get into good laundry habits. Don't buy the biggest hamper possible, get something small like this one. The smaller the hamper, the sooner you have to do laundry—but that means you won't have to launder and then put away a quarter's worth of clothes all at once.

Entertainment & Electronics

Now that you've made it to some form of college housing, you (almost) have free reign on what you watch and listen to. But instead of dragging a TV and stereo, keep the electronics to a minimum by just bringing your computer and iPod. Capsule speakers like the iHome Rechargeable Mini Speaker ($39.99) are nice and compact and plug into your laptop for better sound, or into your MP3 player so you can stream your favorite tunes into the dormitory hallways, or take them along with you to a party.

But you will be doing some work at college, right? Don't rely on library printers to get your papers printed. Not only is it expensive, but come midterm and finals season, lines to use computers at school can get long. An all-in-one printer like the Epson Expression Home XP-200 Color Inkjet Printer is versatile and affordable, on sale right now for $39.99.

Hurry over to Target before these deals are gone; some are temporary price cuts that could end any time. What's still on your back to school shopping list?


  1. Shawn T

    These are a great heads up not only for a person going away to college, but anyone who is moving into a new home/apt and are on a budget. Thank you!

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