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Make Extra Cash with Zaarly

Make Extra Cash with Zaarly
Alison Storm

I have a secret. I love mowing lawns. In fact, I mow my neighbors' yards just because I enjoy the clean lines and the smell of Zaarlyfresh-cut grass. So when a friend introduced me to Zaarly and I saw that someone would actually pay me $35 to mow their small plot I got excited. Zaarly is an auction-style website and app that connects buyers and sellers instantly.

According to TechCrunch the start-up recently scored a million dollar angel investment from a group that includes Ashton Kutcher and the founders of Groupon. Zaarly executive Bo Fishback explained the concept to TechCrunch saying, "We facilitate in-person zaarlytransactions so it is hyper-local in the truest sense. [For example] if you want to pay $50 for someone to bring you a pizza and you want it in the next 45 minutes, you post it on Zaarly and we make sure it gets as broadly syndicated as possible. People who are willing to fulfill that order for you, in that amount of time, for that amount of money, can make it happen."

So I decided to try it out. I started perusing listings and right now in my South Carolina community there aren't many. But in bigger metropolitan hubs you'll likely find more offers and ways to earn money. Here are some examples of recent Zaarly listings:

  • Someone in California wants a Starbucks Venti Coffee and they're willing to pay $15 for it.
  • One user needs help moving a bed and they'll pay $35.
  • A person in Seattle needs their house cleaned and they're willing to pay $200
  • In South Carolina someone needs four concrete steps pressure washed for $30

The listing I was interested in offered $35 for mowing a small lawn but you must bring your own mower. I clicked the "I've Got That" button and explained that I was dependable and an avid mower ready to help. Within a few minutes the person texted back, interested in giving me the job. So we set up a time to talk and I provided my phone number and first name. With Zaarly, everything is confidential.

In the end my gig ended up getting canceled so I never made my $35 or got the joy of seeing another yard transformed. But that doesn't mean I've given up on Zaarly. I think it's still a neat way to make extra cash or have a random request completed by a perfect stranger. If you've tried out Zaarly either as a way to make money or a way to hire someone I'd love to hear about your experience.

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  1. Kelly

    Wow! This is awesome!!!! With times like these everyone can use a little extra cash! What a great way to earn extra cash in such an easy way!

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