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Turn Grocery Shopping High Tech

Turn Grocery Shopping High Tech
Alison Storm

I consider couponing a hobby. I love saving money, especially if it's on boring stuff like coffee creamer and corn flakes. Many of us grocery-gadget-logocan remember our moms, armed with a pair of Fiskars, hunched over the Sunday circulars. They clipped coupons every week, filed them away and shaved a few bucks of their grocery bills. But like many things in life, couponing has gone completely high tech. Using spread sheets and intense research some extreme couponers are able to pay pennies on the dollar for household items and food. Even if you don't have the time to devote to running a coupon operation like these pros, there are still some great tools that can help you step your couponing up a few notches-- no scissors required.

One of these tools that I recently discovered is the Grocery Gadget app, available for the iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Nokia. It sells for $3.99 in the app store. There's also a lite version that's free. Here are some of the grocery storecoolest features of the Grocery Gadget App:

  • Create a Shopping List. I try to create a shopping list, but sometimes I wing it and when I don' t prepare inevitably I get home to realize I've forgotten baking powder or eggs or some other ingredient that's in 95 percent of our household meals. When you create a shopping list with Grocery Gadget you can be detailed down to the brand so that you are sure to get your husband exactly the right type of deodorant. Or you can be general if, for example, you're not too picky about the kind of cheddar cheese you like. But either way you're sure not to forget anything when you keep your list here.
  • Share Your Shopping Lists. If while you're at the store little Sally remembers she needs four dozen cupcakes to bring to school tomorrow, she can easily update your shopping list from your home computer. While you're at the store the app will alert you.
  • Habits are Recognized. Many families have favorite recipes. Grocery Gadget will recognize your buying habits and sort ingredients in the order in which they were last purchased. You can even import your favorite recipes and add ingredients to your list with a single click.
  • Coupons Automatically Load. If you can't stand the idea of clipping coupons, then you'll love this feature. You can easily match eCoupons with items on your shopping list. You can also search the coupons that safewayare available at your favorite stores and load them on to your loyalty cards.

Right now there are more than two dozen grocery stores linked up with Grocery Gadget. And unfortunately none of them are the stores that I shop at where I live in the southeast. So when it comes down to it I don't think I will use this app until the grocery store chains I frequent are a part of this app. But if you shop at at major chains like Safeway, Kroger, Ralph's and dozens of others this could be a powerful organizational and money saving tool for you.

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