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Parking Karma

Parking Karma
Barb Szyszkiewicz

Few things are more dangerous than a teenager with a camera phone.  My daughter, still almost two years away from legal driving age, has spent the past couple of years tormenting her older brother's friends about their parking skills.

When they visit, they park in the street in front of our house.  She has taken it upon herself to be the Parking Police.

She goes out front with her camera phone and takes pictures of cars parked crookedly, or too far away from the curb.  Then she walks around showing these pictures to the guilty driver and his friends.

Unfortunately for her, these kids have a plan.  When she gets her learner's permit, they're going to find out when her driving lesson is scheduled.  They'll bring along their lawn chairs and set up a little tailgate party near the place where she'll have to practice parallel parking.  And yes, they'll bring cameras.


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  1. You will actually need them in the future, and then some jackass will be parked sideways on three handicapped parking spaces...

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