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Nifty Storage Solutions + Home Depot = A Must for Spring Cleaning

Nifty Storage Solutions + Home Depot = A Must for Spring Cleaning
Lisa Ann Jersey

Sorry if I’m the first to say it, but Spring Cleaning Season, is knocking on our door. As tragic and unappealing as it sounds, I think I have a solution that will turn it into more of a relief, and less of a chore. After all, there is no reason to aimlessly ransack the house with a big black trash bag, calling it good once it’s full. An organized thoughtful approach this year will save you loads of time in the next several years. The key?  Organized storage.

First things first, know what type of storage you’re after. There are 5 major storage groups: closet storage, kitchen storage, garage storage, storage structures, and storage cubbies, totes and bins. Home Depot has a good selection of each of these and will even provide you with detailed project guides to get you going with set-up. I’ve chosen a few of each below and outlined the best approach for tackling that Spring Cleaning Monster once you’re armed and ready with the storage solution that works best for you.

1. Killer Closet Storage


Probably the number 1 enemy of a woman’s closet is her shoes. Even walk-in closets provide little or limited access to a functional and tidy shoe organizing system and over-the-door hanging organizers can only hold certain types and limited amounts of shoes. The answer? A ClosetMaid ShelfTrack 5-Pair Ventilated Wire Shoe Shelf Kit or Martha Stewart LivingStackable Shoe Storage ought to do the trick. Either of these choices provides more flexibility with shoe size, as well as convenient access for shoe retrieval. You can also find similar solutions for storing clothes and other closet items.

2. ‘Wait, I Need Kitchen Storage?’ Kitchen Storage

First of all, yes. Kitchen storage can be one of the easiest ways to help you save money on your grocery bill! Think about the last time you purchased a jar of peanut butter or bag of sugar, only to get home and find one hidden in the back of the cupboard? Had that cupboard been neatly organized with items clearly visible, you would have saved the $4 on the peanut butter or $6 on the bag of sugar. Watch the cash add up when you try using a Catskill Craftsmen Round Lacquered Lazy Susan or ClosetMaid Spice Rack. Perhaps you bought another box of cereal because you swear this morning when you held the box, it felt a little light and yes, you guessed it, got home and it was full? Try a Sterilite Ultra-Seal Dry Food Container or a Sterilite Flavor Saver Container.

3. Get More With Less Space Garage Storage

Transform your garage from the ‘we don’t know where else to put it’ place to a ‘wow, what clean garage you have’ place with simple storage solutions like an Edsal4 Shelf Heavy Duty Steel Shelving Unit or a Inter-LOK Storage Systems Wide Cabinet Storage System. Solve more simple problems like where to put those bikes or how to get the skis out of the way, with a Racor2-Bike Bike Rack or a Racor Triple Ski Rack. You can also keep things flush, flat and out of the way with Wall Control Metal Pegboard Tool Boards or Crown Bolt Screw-In Ladder Hooks.

4.  If You Build It, It Will Store Storage Structures

If at this point you’re still feeling like you’ve got way too much junk to deal with, I’m recommending you turn to the grand daddy of all storage solutions, the shed. Sheds are the best way to make more space, not that they still won’t require some internal organizational care, but generally when you’re lacking location, they’re a sure solution. Try a Rubbermaid Big Max Jr. Shed or a Lifetime Indoor/Outdoor Storage Closet if you’re just getting your feet wet. A Best Barns Elm 10 ft. x 16 ft. Wood Storage Shed Kit with Floor or Handy Home Products Berkley 18 ft. 4 in. x 10 ft. 10 in. Wood Storage Building Kit should be reserved for the utterly desperate. Deck boxes like the Rubbermaid Plastic Deck Box with Seat and Suncast Medium Resin Deck Box are another simple way to turn your yard into a clutter free zone.

5. Totes, Cubbies, & Bins: Storage of The Pros

It doesn’t get any easier than totes, cubbies, and bins. Why? The answer is simple. Throw your junk in bin and stash it away. It’s concealed, forgotten, and out of the way. Now here’s the catch; if you can go 3 months without needing to hunt in the bin or use any items you so hastily stowed away in it, toss it. Yes, toss it! O.k. so maybe keep the bin or tote itself, but toss the contents without looking back. It’s high unlikely that you’re going to miss it if you can go 3 months without it. How does it differ from the big black trash bag from above you ask? The stuff you’d choose to throw away is probably far less than the stuff you’ve discovered you can live without, thus saving you from having to deal with it ever again! My favorite totes, cubbies and bins include: Martha Stewart Living Fabric Drawers, Suncast 20 Gallon Rolling Bins, and Rubbermaid Roughneck 14-Gallon Totes.

Now that you’re armed and ready to go, I wish you all a happy and efficient Spring Cleaning, and just out of curiosity, what is the trickiest item you have to store this season?

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