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Fine Dining

Fine Dining
Barb Szyszkiewicz

My husband asked me to plan to attend a banquet luncheon hosted by his company. 

The last time we attended this particular event together, we discovered something rather strange.  The banquet was held in a series of three rooms, where guests could mill around and mingle with each other.   There was abundant food and drink.

And there was very little furniture.

I guess that's great if you want to mingle; it's not so great if you want to eat.  There's no way you can juggle a glass, a plate and a napkin gracefully.  When your hands are that full, there's no way to hold a fork.  But when the lavish buffet includes three carving stations, you know that some of your food is going to require a fork--and a knife.

If I need utensils to eat it, rest assured that I also need a table and chair.


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