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Turbo Tax Canada is a name you associate with easy online tax help. And with good reason. Turbo Tax Canada provides you with over 400 tax deductions. Turbo Tax Canada gives you every tax deduction and every tax credit that’s available to you, including up-to-date family tax information. The result? You get the biggest tax refund possible. But you also get a guarantee that Turbo Tax Canada is 100% accurate or Turbo Tax Canada will reimburse you. Turbo Tax Canada makes filing easy. Choose between five different plans to get the most complete tax coverage you need. And even better, you can get your refund in as few as eight days. Still not sure about Turbo Tax Canada? Then you’ll feel relieved to know that Turbo Tax Canada stands by 24/7, ready to talk to you, ready to help you, ready to connect you with the biggest refund possible. Turbo Tax Canada. The first name in easy online tax filing.