Typical Discounts

Save with Free Shipping

What is better than getting a great product at a good price? The answer, of course, is getting free shipping on it too. Spend $75 or more at the Apple Store and your order ships for free.

More Ways to Save

Keep an eye out for special promotions, like the back-to-school event that typically runs from July to September. These are great times to save on the products you have your eye on. Also, watch for rebates on certain products.

If you are looking for deeper discounts, be sure to browse the Clearance and Refurbished section of the site. Refurbished products are tested and certified. They also come with a one-year warranty.

Those who have an old iPhone, iPad or Apple computer sitting around have an opportunity to save more through the Recycling Program. If Apple can reuse your old product, they will send you a special gift card.

Creative Deal Hunting

Be a Keen Follower

Stay up-to-date on product announcements and promotions by following Apple Canada on Facebook. In addition, be sure to search for specials that may apply to you. One such deal offered students and faculty the opportunity to save up to $200 on a new Mac with the Apple Education Pricing.

How Experts Save Even More

Watch for Sales

As you might expect, Black Friday and the holidays are great times to save, but keep in mind that free shipping minimums may be adjusted during these times.

Shop Smart

The convenience of online shopping wins out in a lot of instances, especially when prices are the same online and in-store. When you visit an Apple store in person, however, you have the chance to try out products before you buy them. You can also have any purchases set up for you before you take it home.