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Anonymous 5 months ago (9/25/2014)

Tested on iPhone 5c holder

Anonymous 8 months ago (6/30/2014)

Tested on iPad Mini holder

Anonymous 10 months ago (5/07/2014)

05-07-2014 worked perfectly

Chris 11 months ago (4/20/2014)

Worked perfectly

Anonymous 11 months ago (4/04/2014)

Tested on Padded Holder with Tilt Swivel

Anonymous 11 months ago (3/27/2014)

tested and works

Anonymous 13 months ago (2/19/2014)


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Anonymous 21 months ago (5/30/2013)

BS. No discount added at all

Anonymous 22 months ago (4/29/2013)

yeah dont click on it for they get paid for re-directing people over there, stay away from ultimate coupons and dont click on anything.

Anonymous 24 months ago (3/03/2013)

I saw no deal from this

Anonymous 30 months ago (9/22/2012)

Not a coupon. Just a link to their site!

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Anonymous 28 months ago (11/02/2012)

Doesn't work. Tried several times. Don't bother. Probably never worked. Just a way for you to go through their link so they earn affiliate cash.

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ProClip has a range of two part solutions, such as RV mounts and device holders. You will also find a large selection of other mounts including move clip systems, extension plates and device mount adapters. It has been in business since 1983, and it even provides equipment for police and emergency vehicles.