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McFeelys is an online and mail order distributor for screws, tools and woodworking supplies of all kinds. They specialize in Festool power tools as well as hundreds of different brands of screws.

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Worked on Suction Brush

15 days ago (4.04.2014)

Tested on 2-13/16" Diameter Suction Brush

1 month ago (2.25.2014)

"please enter a valid promo/keycode" is response from McFeelys, your code did not apply

3 months ago (12.26.2013)

Tested on 1/4-20 Steel Threaded Inserts

12 months ago (4.19.2013) by Kasey

Tested on 1/4-20 x 1/2 Machine Screws, Stainless Steel, Flat Head, Square Drive

17 months ago (11.06.2012) by Kasey

McFeelys Coupons

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