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Anonymous 42 months ago (11/24/2012)

did not work, nor did Miller nursery that I tried to use today. What happened to guaranteed?

Anonymous 43 months ago (11/07/2012)

This coupon DID NOT work

Anonymous 43 months ago (11/06/2012)

did not work

Mike 43 months ago (11/01/2012)

Does not work

Anonymous 43 months ago (10/30/2012)

Didn't work for me 10/30/12.

Anonymous 50 months ago (3/29/2012)

didn't work for me 3/29/12

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Magic Seasoning sells seasoning blends, developed by Chef Paul Prudhomme, that come in chipotle chile, Caribbean, honey barbecue and citrus herb varieties, in addition to many others.