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Debbie A. 31 months ago (4/22/2013)

Got absolutely no discount!

Anonymous 32 months ago (4/10/2013)

How do u get this deal. It states activated discount at xheckout...no discount applied

Anonymous 32 months ago (4/07/2013)

doesnt work , can someone post a code???

karla 33 months ago (2/25/2013)

Why dont a get a coupon code???

Judy 34 months ago (2/12/2013)

I bought a 6by6 mold it is a 3 wick but no 3 wick pin to make it

Anonymous 35 months ago (12/17/2012)

Lone Star Candle Supply only publishes valid coupons from their own Newsletter or website. Lone Star Candle Supply doesn't produce any finished candles, but is a provider of candlemaking supplies. This website ultimatecoupons.com is misrepresentative and doesn't have permission to publish anything on behalf of Lone Star Candle Supply, that is why the coupon codes do not work. If Lone Star does have coupon codes and promotional codes available if you sign up for their newsletter you will receive them. That is the only way to get them.

Anonymous 36 months ago (11/15/2012)

this does not work.

Anonymous 37 months ago (10/31/2012)

Didn't work.

Anonymous 37 months ago (10/22/2012)


Anonymous 37 months ago (10/16/2012)

Have had customer service probs in the past, however, it was corrected. Fragrances were a little pricey. They have the option for a coupon code in their checkout area. We use them for our supplies! Total Scents, Bellevue, NE

Anonymous 38 months ago (10/09/2012)

This doesn't work

Anonymous 39 months ago (9/15/2012)

no discount taken - does not work

Anonymous 39 months ago (9/11/2012)

Coupon doesnt work. Take it off.

Anonymous 39 months ago (8/21/2012)

coupon didnt work....whats up with that LS..cheapo's

Megan 40 months ago (7/26/2012)

It didn't work. i would've purchased about 150 bucks worth of product (if given even a minimal of a 10% discount)

Anonymous 43 months ago (4/25/2012)

There is no coupon! False Come-On!

Bobbi/Scents of Purpose 45 months ago (3/08/2012)

When I called the 888# i asked girl if you offered any discounts for loyal costumers or promo codes she said no,I told her I was pretty sure you did just that my internet was down at that moment so I could not check online. She was very certain they do not offer promo codes.Staff should know what company policy is.

Anonymous 45 months ago (2/20/2012)

coupon doesn't work

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Lone Star Candle is a leading seller of candles. Founded in 1999, it is located in Keller. It is recognized as a leader in the candle making supply industry and produces beautiful, highly scented candles.


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