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Debbie A. 55 months ago (4/22/2013)

Got absolutely no discount!

Anonymous 56 months ago (4/10/2013)

How do u get this deal. It states activated discount at xheckout...no discount applied

karla 57 months ago (2/25/2013)

Why dont a get a coupon code???

Judy 58 months ago (2/12/2013)

I bought a 6by6 mold it is a 3 wick but no 3 wick pin to make it

Anonymous 62 months ago (10/16/2012)

Have had customer service probs in the past, however, it was corrected. Fragrances were a little pricey. They have the option for a coupon code in their checkout area. We use them for our supplies! Total Scents, Bellevue, NE

Anonymous 67 months ago (4/25/2012)

There is no coupon! False Come-On!

Bobbi/Scents of Purpose 69 months ago (3/08/2012)

When I called the 888# i asked girl if you offered any discounts for loyal costumers or promo codes she said no,I told her I was pretty sure you did just that my internet was down at that moment so I could not check online. She was very certain they do not offer promo codes.Staff should know what company policy is.

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Lone Star Candle is a leading seller of candles. Founded in 1999, it is located in Keller. It is recognized as a leader in the candle making supply industry and produces beautiful, highly scented candles.