1. Road Rewards Program
Usually when you travel, the more you travel, the more it costs, unless you sign up for Greyhound's Road Rewards program. Once you complete your sign-up, you can immediately take 10% off your first ticket. As you continue to travel via Greyhound, you accrue Destination Points. Once you hit the six-point mark, you'll get a free companion pass to go along with a ticket for which you've paid full fare. Tacked onto this is also a one-time 15% discount for you. You get an additional 10% discount on beverages and food for the rest of the 12-month period. Earn 10 Road Rewards points to get one free companion pass plus 20% off on the next ticket you buy. Or if you hit 16 points during a 12-month period, you earn a free ticket on Greyhound. Reward points are tallied for a 12-month period starting from the time you register to collect your Destination Points.

2. Benefits for Military Personnel
Veterans enjoy a 20% savings when they get a Veterans Advantage Card. Other benefits of the VAC include emergency travel assistance, travel security services, and VIP concierge and travel agency services.  The cost on the card is only $60 per year. But it isn't only vets who receive great deals from Greyhound. Active duty as well as retired military personnel are eligible for a 10% discount on their tickets. They can ride the bus line anywhere in the continental United States for a max of $259 round trip. These benefits extend to their dependent family members also.

3. Great Benefits for Kids & Seniors
College students can live and travel on the cheap when they sign up for the Greyhound Student Advantage Card. They can save up to 40% at locations like Target.com, BookRenter.com, and of course, with Greyhound when they use their cards. The cost of the card is just $20.00. There are also benefits for the younger set. Children under two travel free with the child discount, provided space is available; otherwise, the child's seat is discounted by 25%. Children over two, but under 12 get a 25% discount on their fare. Finally, two children under the age of 12 can travel for 25% less than the full adult price provided that all the parties involved are traveling on the same itinerary. Travelers who are 62 years young can get a 5% discount on unrestricted passenger fares using Greyhound’s Senior Discount. All these travelers need to do is ask for the discount. Travel only good in the U.S. May not be used with other types of discounts.